TheosoFEST is a festival designed to celebrate the wisdom of the ages, the unity of all life, and spiritual self-transformation. Enjoy presentations and activities exploring Theosophy, comparative Religions, Western esotericism, meditative practices, and much more!

This year introducing our new Kid's Korner!

See below the list of 45 min talks. Click on the titles to read the descriptions of the talks and bios of the speakers.bubbles

Location key: (A) = Auditorium, (C) = Classroom, (M) = Meditation room, 
(L) = Labyrinth,  (K) = Kids Korner, tent, (S) = Short Talks, tent

All the talks in the Auditorium will be webcast!

 10:00 David Bruce (A) Knowledge and Wisdom
 10:00 Phillip Gowins (C) Friendship – A Sufi Perspective
 10:00 Ben Furman (L) Spring Forest Qigong 
 10:00 Activities and Crafts for all ages (K)
 10:20 Rosemary Hurwitz (S) The Wisdom of the Enneagram
 10:30 Bill Vollrath (K) Poetry and Stories
10:40 Sandy Rodeck (S) Astrological Preditions for 2011

11:00 Michele Shields (C) Theosophy, Parenting, and Motherhood
11:00 Dave Gunning (A) Spiritual Astrology. The Symbolic Meaning of the Wheel and Redirecting Planetary Aspects
11:00 Jim Bosco (M) Meditation for Beginners
11:00 Lois Pedersen (K) Puppet Show: Our Animal Friends
11:00 Sandy Rodeck (S) Astrological Preditions for 2012
11:20 Gary Tillery (S) The Spiritual Life of John Lennon
11:40 Gary Tillery (S) The Spiritual Life of George Harrison

12:00 Pablo Sender (C) The Theosophical Road to Enlightenment
12:00 Marilyn Johnston (A) Therapeutic Touch: A Healing Practice and a Healing Lifestyle
12:00 Atala Dorothy Toy (L) Mindful Walk
12:00 Olcott Drama Troop (K) Skits and Singing
12:00 Valerie Lanotte (K) Face Painting
12:00 John Cianciosi (S) Being Right Is Not Good Enough For the Buddha
12:20 James LeFevour (S) Understanding Reiki
12:40 Vincent Pitisci (S) Introduction to the Tarot

1:00 Paul Quinn (A) Tarot, Theosophy and Thou
1:00 Lydia van den Broeck (C) Bringing Heaven Down to Earth. Pineal and Pituitary Gland Activations
1:00 John Cianciosi (M) Buddhist Meditation – Cultivating Serenity and Insight
1:00 Lois Pedersen (K) Puppet Show: Our Animal Friends
1:00 Valerie Lanotte (K) Face Painting
1:00 Philip Clark (S) The Numerological Transition from 2011 to 2012
1:20 Mazher F. Ahmed (S) Faith--A Divide or a Guide?
1:40 Pablo Sender (S) Difficult Times and Spirtual Growth

2:00 Tim Boyd (A) Toward an Illumined Mind: The Rationale for a Spiritual Practice
2:00 Anna Applegate (C) Building the Lodge of the Heart:
Spirituality, Tradition, and Service in Co-Masonry
2:00 Renee Ryan (L) Tai Ji and Qigong – More than Physical Balance.
Practical Tools When our Lives are "Topsy Tervy"
2:00 Sharron Dorr (K) Storytelling
2:00 David Bruce (S) Reincarnation: The Key to Understanding
2:20 Ben Furman (S) Basics of Spring Forest Qiqong
2:30 Activities and Crafts for all ages (K)
2:40 Philip Mereton (S) Berkeley's Revenge: Are We in the End Days of Materialism?

3:00 Terrence Metz (C) Triple Forces in Daily Living: Thoughts, Words, and Deeds
3:00 Ruben Cabigting (A) The Plan of God in the Spiritual Evolution of Humanity
3:00 Juliana Cesano (M) Tuning in with the Master Within: Meditation in the Heart 
3:00 Sharron Dorr (K) Storytelling
3:00 Pamela K. Myers (S) A Taste of Ayurveda
3:20 James LeFevour (S) Pop-Theosophy: Spirituality in Graphic Novels
3:30 Activities and Crafts for all ages (K)
3:40 Christina Samycia (S)  Discovering Inner Peace

4:00 Ananya Rajan (A) A Path to Authenticity
4:00 Donna Adler (C) The Mysticism of Saint Bonaventure
4:00 Karen Tlusty (Stone Circle) Community Drum Circle