Kitchen & Dining Hall Renovation Finished

Olcott Kitchen  

With the new double sided serving counter, our guests can now move along quickly and efficiently. Another new feature includes sneeze guard protection over the serving counter and prep tables. We also have new electric food warmers for keeping hot food at their proper temperature.

The dining room features new finished walls and a beautiful dropped ceiling with curved edging. With new fluorescent and canned lighting throughout, the space can now provide proper levels of lighting for a variety of uses. Large group dining, business meetings, open mike soirées, and many other activities are planned for the new space.

Funding for this project was provided by the very generous bequest of Cleda Nicholson. On behalf on Cleda and her family, the newly renovated kitchen and dining room will be named “Nicholson Hall.” Please stop by and check it out the next time you visit Olcott.

Jeff Gresco


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