Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible - TOC

Excerpts from

Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible, Volume I

By Geoffrey Hodson

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Note

Part One
The Quest for Light

1. The Symbolic Language
2. Problems of a Literal Reading of the Bible and Some Solutions
3. The Interpretation of Allegories
4. The Sun Stands Still upon Gibeon
5. The Ageless Wisdom

Part Two
The Mysteries of the Kingdom

6. The Reality Behind the Shadow
7. Four Keys of Interpretation
8. A Rosetta Stone for the Language of Symbols
9. The Symbolism of Numbers

Part Three
The Cycle of Forthgoing and Return

10. Introduction to the Parable of the Prodigal Son
11. The Path of Forthgoing
12. The Path of Return

Part Four
The Life of Christ

13. The Nativity
14. From Baptism to Ascension

Part Five
The Path of Discipleship and Initiation

15. The Way of Holiness
16. Steps on the Path

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