India Palace Restaurant
242 E. Geneva Rd., Wheaton, IL
phone: 630-681-8002/8005 

Vegetable samosa, Aloo Matter, Chana Masala, Rice, Naan, Mango Lassi

Kimmer's Ice Cream
109 E. Front St. 
Wheaton, IL 60187
We will be serving scoops of Caramel Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean, Cookies 'n Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip
Single Scoops: $4
Double Scoops: $7
Bottles of Water: $1.50
All ice cream is homemade right here in Wheaton!




PIZZA: Classic Margherita, Quattro Formaggi, Very Veggie, Simply Spinach,
Artichoke & Grilled Bell Pepper, Build your own pizza options,
gluten free & Vegan options.

Olcott Library




  Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library
Used Book Sale in the library! 
Free magazines, audios, videos! 

Visit the library's collection representing sacred traditions from around the world. Learn how you can access the library and its many resources for your needs whether in person or from afar.



The Theosophical Society
Information about The Theosophical Society,
brochures, classes, special events, programs.

Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom

Spin the Spiritual Wisdom Wheel to gain insights to your questions. Listen to a CD of thousands singing HU, a transforming sound, and love song to God. Pick up free Spiritual Wisdom booklets on inner guidance, dreams, relationships, conquering fear, and much more. Find information on ECK Light and Sound Services, round table discussions, children's classes, and upcomng seminars. Enter a free book raffle to win a book by Harold Klemp.
More information at or 630-427-5950.


Waldorf School of DuPage

Waldorf education is a holistic teaching method that doesn’t just rely on intellect but rather engages a child’s entire being for learning. Every subject is taught through art, music, movement, and story, allowing students with a variety of learning styles to thrive and achieve deeper comprehension. The playing field is leveled so children don’t just learn through textbooks and lectures. On any given day you may find a class painting, hiking, or singing while learning.



Dynamic Digits

Numerology helps us understand our Soul's Purpose for this LIFE and the tools and resources we were given to accomplish it. Our Birth Angels mirror our connection to the DIVINE and help us translate what is meant by "Bringing Heaven Down to Earth!



Whispers of Love with Linda Roberts

Learn more about your animals with an intuitive reading. Whispers of Love offers 15-minute animal communication sessions for $40 as well as Reiki and Shamanic/Intuitive healings for people and animals. Stop by to enter the raffle for a FREE reading. 





The Bada Creative and Leaping Hare Pottery

Stop by for an amazing collection of handmade porcelain and stoneware creations from these unique ceramic artists. Items include animal spirit masks, small treasure holders, lidded jars, incense burners, pendants, altar bowls, and candle holders.



Pre-Loved Goddess Jewelry

Some things old… Some things new… Some things in-between! We'd love to spend some time with you and help you find some bling. Thank you to all our customers from past TheosoFESTS!



Tarot Readings with Lynda Spino and Vincent Pitisci 

Lynda is a psychic, empath and healer. She has had the gift since childhood.It comes from a space of love, light and compassion. She has studied alternative healing workforce for 40 years. Her readings give insight on relationships, career, health, finances and one's deeper self. Lynda uses oracle cards if you desire.

Vincent is a professional Tarot card reader, teacher, lecturer, and author of four books on the Tarot. He has been a longtime friend of the Theosophical Society. His readings are straight forward, informative, and are considered on an advanced level.




Animal Reiki with Amber

Animal Reiki with Amber helps provide a restorative balance for your pet companion through energetic healing. This connection opens the space for your pet to heal on a physical, social, and emotional level. Amber will be sharing animal Reiki information and 15-minute Reiki-infused tuning fork sessions for your pets.



The Lightheart Center

Come to our booth for free smiles and hugs. Receive massage and healing sessions for $1 per minute. Join our email list and be entered in a raffle for great prizes, products, and services. See you there!


The Gathering Lighthouse

The Gathering Lighthouse will be providing psychic medium readings, Tarot card readings, Reiki healings.



Moonlight Healers

Moonlight Healers will be offering Reiki and selling jewelry.


The Summit Lighthouse

The Summit Lighthouse®, a non-profit organization, is the official source for teachings of the Ascended Masters from Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and their students. We are dedicated to making these teachings available to all those looking for answers to life’s difficult questions. The Summit Lighthouse offers workshops, seminars, conferences, online courses, book study groups and events at local teaching centers, as well as opportunities to share with like-minded friends at various levels of affiliation. Books, CDs and DVDs will be available.

  Katherine Einhorn    


Katherine Einhorn

Katherine is an intuitive Oracle and Goddess card reader. She has a psychological background and helps people raise their vibration to walk their best path. She also creates art and gemstone trees.


Whole Life Whole Yoga 

is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We provide yoga instruction for special needs people. At TheosoFEST, we sell yoga related goods at our booth. Your purchase will help us continue our service for people with disabilities.


Tarot Readings with Kassandra

Kassandra's insightful card readings will entertain and surprise you. She is an experienced Tarot card reader and crafter of Tarot art. See your favorite tarot cards in recycled picture frames and art boxes. 

  moon shadow      

Moonshadow Healing

Enjoy Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy!



Art Girl Pottery

Linda Wagner is a Wheaton ceramist offering a unique twist on slab pottery.  She uses a combination of lettering, vintage laces, stamps and found items to impress designs into earthenware clay. Her artistic creations include dishes with inspirational quotes, bowls, vases, mirrors, wall art, and an incredible selection of unique pendants.  There is also a line of fully customizable pieces.  No two pieces are ever the same!


Melissa Mahon

Dr. Melissa Mahon of Journey To Present will be offering complimentary Access Consciousness Bars mini-sessions. The Bars are 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars session, a practitioner gently touches these points to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have limited you in the concerned life areas. Dr. Melissa is a Bars Facilitator and Practitioner, meaning she teaches classes to learn Access Bars as well as does individual Bars sessions in Geneva, IL.


Spring Forest Qigong

Stop by for a variety of Qigong healing offerings that use your energy, generational energy, and the practitioner’s energy to open up blockages in your system for emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual healing!



Learn to Meditate with the help of yogic transmission. Experience the beauty of the heart. Heartfulness is a simple and natural path of heart-centered wellness that fosters balance, peace and wellbeing. The introductory practices include a relaxation exercise and Heartfulness meditation. With continued practice, Heartfulness can enable us to reach profound depths of meditation and achieve inner transformation. Join us at our booth to experience Heartfulness relaxation and meditation. You can also visit our center in Lombard to fully experience Heartfulness meditation.


Lillia Rose Hair Accessories

Lilla Rose offers affordable, hand crafted, high quality hair accessories. We have decorative hair sticks, decorative bobby pins, headbands, name badge holders and our trademarked Flexi Clip, which is strung on music wire.  The Flexi Clip stays in place from the tension of the clip around the thickness of your hair, so it will never slip out. It is a custom fit and it does not damage your hair.  Our products will turn a bad hair day into a FAB hair day in a matter of seconds!

  Dorothy Bury Shaw    

 Dorothy Bury Shaw

Artist,  author, and poet Dorothy Bury Shaw  fell in love with a divine Presence as a very small girl.  Through a lifetime of exploration, she began to experience again a greater Whole, and the depth of that all-encompassing closeness she knew as a child, a Oneness, a profound Interbeing, a Love Without Distance. Dorothy Bury Shaw’s art and poetry focuses primarily on the spiritual journey of the untamed woman. She explores the courageous aspects of self-discovery, awakening, and expanding of the heart.  In her art she achieves a rich, other-worldly quality by the use of intricate layers of ink, watercolor and colored pencil on rag paper. Every line is purposeful; each element is symbolic. She brings her art, her poetry, books, and note cards to TheosoFEST for the first time this year and looks forward to meeting and connecting with the attendees!

  Journeys Path    

The Journey’s Path

Stop by our booth to experience a vibrational sound therapy session with singing bowls, talk to a psychic, shop, and connect with our practitioners! The Journey’s Path is a new metaphysical shop & wellness center in West Chicago, IL – one mile south of North Avenue on Route 59. We offer the tools you need for your journey including crystals, essential oils, divination, meditation, vibrational sound, tarot, personal care products and so much more.  Our Know It Owl Studio practitioners and teachers are certified in a variety of wellness fields, such as Reiki, vibrational sound therapy, Akashic Record consultation, crystal healing, crystalline consciousness technique, essential oils, and other therapies.

  Ten Directions      

Ten Directions Zen Community (
is a member of the Kwan Um School of Zen and has practice locations in Wheaton and Chicago, and a Retreat Center in McHenry, IL. We offer regular meditation practice as well as periodic weekend retreats for extended practice with our teachers. Our Zen tradition teaches keeping a clear mind and taking appropriate action in each moment and does not dwell on questions of metaphysics. Zen meditation helps us to see the present moment clearly in order to help others. 

  Lakeshore Mandalas      

Lakeshore Mandalas

Carol Nulph is a self-taught artist focusing her skills on the creation of hand painted mandalas on stone and canvas. She enjoys the process of creating artwork for the purpose of spiritual growth, mindfulness, and service to others. Carol utilizes the technique of pointillism within her designs, carefully placing each dot of paint within a desired pattern to create a mandala that can be used as a powerful tool for relaxation, mindfulness, and personal growth. Carol also paints her designs on candle jars, coffee cups and stone nightlights. She enjoys the process of creating artwork so that others can experience her joyful intentions and peacefulness.

  Lisa Gniady      

Lisa Gniady

Treat yourself to an Akashic Record Psychic Reading. Connect to your guides. As a channel and healer, Lisa taps into your higher self, angels and spirit guides to offer assistance along your life path. Her readings are a combination of channeled, written and verbal guidance to address both your present and past. Clear away that which gets in the way of moving forward. These readings can boost the clarity in your life. Lisa Gniady is a certified Intuitive Life Coach, a E-RYT 500 Hour Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher, and co-creator of Goddess Reiki. She has dedicated her life to helping people grow and evolve on their spiritual path. She leads retreats around the world, bringing people to spiritual and sacred places to connect to a higher state of consciousness. You’ll receive an emailed written version of your reading.

  Lisa Nomikos      

Lisa Nomikos

Explore YOU or SEE your guides in Lisa’s abstract visual reiki art. Check out her Soul Vision Aura Portraits for individuals, pets and couples, and Soul Angel Visions to meet your angels/guides. 

These intuitive energy paintings tell a visual story of you in the abstract. Each energetically streamed image is prayed over with healing intentions to clear the recipients. Meditate on these original art pieces, created with paint, pencil and glitter glue on paper, canvas and drums. You can also experience the surreal visionary worlds of Lisa’s mind with her intentionally uplifting art and Shamanic paintings. She uses a variety of mediums including acrylics, mixed media, chalk pastels, watercolors, colored pencils, oils and ink. Custom images created upon request.

  SoniaI llescas.jpg    

Sonia Illescas

Please join Sonia for psychic intuitive readings, energetic activations, angelic divine light infusions, and sound vibration healing. Her services include Akashic records, soul retrievals, past life regressions, shamanic journeys, cord cutting, psychic mediumship, light activations, and chakra & energy clearings.


The Bumblebee Cottage Apothecary
Holistic Wellness and Beauty

Natural products for a more balanced and beautiful life, including salves, tinctures, hair & skin care, bath & body, fragrances, tea blends, and herbs.



Janyce Hamilton taps into the loving spirit energy presence around you, delivers their gentle, compassionate message, sees your unique spiritual talents & gifts, and guides you toward unfolding your abilities.


Regina E. McCarthy

Regina E. McCarthy is the author of the award winning book Courageous Gilbert the Groundhog. Gilbert is a groundhog and the main character in this inspiring and innovative book. He struggles with feeling and expressing his emotions, which causes him to feel disconnected from his heart and anxious in his body. Through a wise, old oak tree, Gilbert learns how to breathe deeply.


Amy & Jamilah Hassan’s Art Creations

Amy and Jamilah Hassan’s Art Creations has a variety of authentic, unique, hand-made mandala and sacred geometry inspired art creations.  There will be many pyrography engraved art creations, such as jewelry, tissue box covers and wall hangings available. Amy Hassan will also have many framed mandala paintings, photo jewelry, and sun catchers on display and available for purchase.


RA Moonhawk Wands

offers a huge selection of one-of-a kind magick healing wands hand crafted from all manner of crystals, sticks, stones, bones, antlers, shells, coral, fossils, found objects, love, intention, & good juju. RA Moonhawk began creating his wands long ago in the great redwood forests of northern California. They are based on a vision he had while in deep meditation, and he has perfected this art form for over 35 years. Today, he and his apprentice, Sonya Begonia, handcraft these pieces in their studio. Wands are amazing tools for entering deeper levels of meditation, doing energy healing/ Reiki, space clearing, dream work, journeying, etc. Come on out and see which one of these amazing spiritual tools resonates with your energy!

  Julie Jancius      

Angels and Awakening Podcast

Namaste! Julie Jancius, psychic medium and Angel reader, is host of the iTunes top spiritual podcast Angels and Awakening and owner of Chicago Energy Healing. She's studied with Theresa Caputo's long-time teacher Pat Longo. TheosoFEST readings with Julie sell out, so pre-book your 8-minute reading ($30) by calling or emailing (630-336-9515 or FREE gift for 25 lucky winners who ask about the Angel School at our tent! Learn more at

. Connect with Julie on Instagram & Facebook @angelpodcast for daily Angel messages!




All Things Wellness Events & Expo

All Things Wellness Events & Expo’s mission is to provide opportunities to gather, teach and share experiences toward alternatives and options for conscious living, healing and unity. Events & Expo’s are offered to the community and Memberships are available of Holistic providers of products and services.

Crystal Wisdom
Join us for 15-minute crystal bed sessions for $40. You can also shop for John if God jewelry, crystals, and an assortment of books for sale. If you are feeling a little off, have an illness, emotional turmoil, or are searching for spiritual wellness, consider a stopping by for a session!


Sacred Divine Goddess

Bohemian Gypsy wares to adorn your Inner Goddess... Ceremonial adornments  for the Priestess within!


Ayurvedic Therapy Resources
Visit us for Ayurvedic reflexology, Indian Head massage therapy, reflexology tools, pain balm (Mona Balm), turmeric pills, handmade jewelry, yoga clothing, and more!
Lisa Hagenbuch
Lisa Hagenbuch will be doing astrology readings – 15 minutes for $20, 30 minutes for $40.  Everything and everyone in your life is contained in your birth chart, so come armed with plenty of questions!  Be sure to bring your exact time of birth.

Marianne Knox, NeuroMindfulness Practitioner
Over the past 15 years Marianne has developed a unique and effective approach called "Inner Fitness." This approach applies neuroscience, developmental processes and mindfulness to create transformational changes in the body and mind.  Through this approach you are taught how to re-connect to the wisdom of your body, as it knows your path to achieve optimal living emotionally, mentally and physically as you are not made to struggle.

focuses on providing our customers with honest, clearly labeled, and high-quality CBD products through transparent manufacturing and distribution. We believe in the healing and restorative properties of cannabinoids and emphasize clear-cut education to our clients about the holistic and natural benefits of CBD.


Joy Lucinda Klein, MS
Grief and crisis consultant, coach, and intuitive medium offering strategies for tragedies, grief and loss.

Earth Mother Naturals

Products created by love. Ingredients created by mother nature.


Swati Mhaske
is a Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine and the founder of HemaVeda Ayurveda based in Crystal Lake, IL. 

Swati nurtures the passion to help her clients lead a healthy life by means of Ayurveda.

407 E terra cotta ave, Crystal Lake IL

Bonnie Potter, Harmony of Spirit

Bonnie is well-known as an psychic empath who gives compassionate psychic readings, mixed with a touch of life's humor. She can use any combination of mediums such as Tarot, crystals, angel cards, Akashic Records, tuning forks and Reiki. Bonnie has a strong connection to the Fairy and Animal kingdoms and can assist you in discovering Fairy or Animal Spirit Guides that are working with you in this lifetime. She may also share messages from a passed loved one or animal companion.


Baha'i Church
The Bahá'í Faith is the latest in the series of progressive revelations from God to humanity.  The core teachings are the oneness of God, the essential unity of all religions, and the oneness of humanity.  In addition, Bahá'í teachings include equality of women and men, elimination of all forms of prejudice, universal education, and the independent investigation of truth.  The Bahá'ís are working to build inclusive communities for the benefit of everyone.


Cheryl Cryer
CryBaby Cryer: CBD Hemp Oil for Humans & Pets is a local, woman-owned business. We are registered and licensed through the Illinois Department of Agriculture, as a hemp processor. We sell wholesale to wellness centers and other conscious small businesses, have an online store at and pop up at special events. Shop hemp oil tinctures, pain relief balm and other topicals, pet oil, body products (triple-whipped body butter, soap, scrub, bath soaks), and teas and honey.



Grandma’s Magic Pillows
Help your child become more comfortable in a quiet body and calm mind. Help children decrease stress, overwhelm, meltdowns, and tantrums. Grandma’s Magic Pillows makes it simple and safe to increase mindfulness and provides a wonderful coping strategy that children enjoy. Imagine your child asking for more time to be quiet? That is only one of the surprises Grandma’s Magic Pillows can bring.


    Mind & Body EsSCENTials
Enjoy a new line of unique custom-made aromatherapy jewelry, which can be used with any of your favorite oils. Just add your favorite oil or perfume to the diffuser and have your scent with you all day. Customized blends of oils for sprays, rollerballs, and gel room deodorizers aid in sleep, relaxation and protection. We also offer blends designed for dogs and cats!
Grace Urban Apothecary
Essential oils rock the free world!  Grace Urban Apothecary has a variety of roller ball blends, and can make custom blends as a special order, depending on your needs.  Our newest addition to our product list is our Meditation Series.  These blends help you elevate your meditation, prayer and/or yoga game when you introduce them to your practice!  We also have beautiful and unique diffuser bracelets.  No more of those lava laden way baby!  Not these beauties!  We even have a few that are pink and perfect for a breast cancer warrior.  Come for a visit...

Charm Card Creations by Barbara Mueller
Shop photography by Barbara Mueller made into photoart cards with an inspiring message.  Original design and handcrafted jewelry complements the card.  Her photography has been juried into eight art galleries in the Fox Valley.
Sarah Thompson

is a psychic medium and will be offering intuitive Oracle card readings.

Susan Lukas

Susan is a full-time author, artist, and medium who helps people nourish their souls and explore their spirituality. She is passionate about helping others through her books, art, and readings.


Harold Witkov

Harold Witkov is author of Keys to Spiritual Awakening, an exploration into thinking, mysticism, and Kabbalah. He will also be sharing some of his inspirational articles.


Dr. Clinton Orsini

My focus is on the correction of the spine by removing the pressure off the nerves to allow the body to start functioning and healing properly. I’ve dedicated myself to this goal and promise to work my hardest to fix your spine to the best of my abilities.


Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development

Sukyo Mahikari is a non-profit, world-wide, million-member organization with centers in major cities in the US and around the world. It combines the experience of radiating Light energy with practicing universal principles to influence one’s life in a positive way. At TheosoFest, our members will offer free 10-minutes sessions of Light. There is never a charge for receiving Light.

Viride Wellness Spa

Our local wellness spa is located minutes away in Carol Stream, IL.  We have a talented staff of five massage therapists with over 30 years combined experience with an expansive menu of services. We will be offering demonstrations of "Ashiatsu" massage.  This unique style of massage uses the feet rather than the hands to deliver a deep pressure massage.  We will be selling select retail items like essential oils by Simply Earth & handmade aromatherapy diffuser jewelry. Stop by the booth to receive a demonstration and enter to win our "spa swag bag" giveaway.


Tony Talwar 

Tony Talwar is a Sikh American artist best known for his art and multimedia works.  His art pieces involve spiritual, natural, and ethnical elements from eastern and western parts of the world.


the OXOY: Energy work by way of the breath

Imagine sharing universal life energy by way of the breath, rather than the hands. The OXOY is an emerging healing modality. It's efficacy sparkles in the synergy of quartz crystal meeting breathwork meeting spirit. Enter for a chance to win a healing tool or meditation enhancer.


Sustain DuPage

Sustain DuPage is a non-profit organization focused on promoting sustainability and sustainability culture in DuPage. We'll be offering information on a variety of ways people can become more sustainable in their daily lives, local projects and workshops they can get involved in, and tours of our sustainable garden on the TS grounds. We'll also be offering some of our veggies and handmade crafts for sale, with 100% of the profits being reinvested as a donation for our organization.


Julie Lester

Julie has had a passion for beading and natural gemstones for over 20 years. In the last year, she’s been really inspired by a wonderful group of people who are part of the rescue/foster community. Its been humbling to see what these people are doing to rescue, nurture, and find homes for wonderful animals who thrive under love and care. In her efforts to help where she can, Julie has decided to dedicate her business to these amazing people, and the animals they care for. Therefore, she donates 10% of her sales to various rescue/foster groups. Stop by my Etsy store: JulesForPaws, and follow me @Jules For Paws.


Club Pilates Glen Ellyn

Club Pilates Glen Ellyn is a boutique pilates studio specializing in reformer fusion classes for anyone at any age or fitness level. Pure to Joseph Pilates’ original Reformer-based Contrology Method, but modernized with group practice and expanded state-of-the-art equipment, Club Pilates offers high-quality, life-changing training at a surprisingly affordable price. 



Love Your Home Heart and Soul'd

Energy clearings, house blessings, holistic home solutions… create a space that best serves your energy & lifestyle!


The Academy of European Arts and Culture

The Academy of European Arts and Culture is a nonprofit philosophical organization founded on the fundamental belief that we each have a soul and that our body, also referred to as "the machine," can be developed to serve the presence of the soul. Come talk to us!


Midwest Tarot Society

Join us for information about the Midwest Tarot Society, photo ops with Tarot characters, and special membership discounts!


HealthWell Institute 

Our Mission at HealthWell is to offer you ownership of your health by creating ideal conditions that match your body’s innate ability and desire to heal. We assist our clients with moving toward complete emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical wellness. We believe that by treating the whole person, change happens more quickly, fully, and permanently. Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a bodywork treatment and one our main services for those hoping to address movement limitations, relax tight muscles, decrease muscle aches and pains, prevent injuries, increase muscle stability and strength, quicken recovery time from injury or surgery or improve the body for exercise and athletic performance.  We will be offering free 15-20 minute MAT sample treatments.


1 to10 andThen 

1 to 10 and Then is a spiritual card game that creates deeper, more meaningful connections through playful conversation and entertaining game play. Each game in the series explores our ideas about who we are and what we believe in. The Self Deck, The Relationship Deck and The Spiritual Deck are fun and challenging games for people who appreciate self-awareness, personal growth, and spiritual awakening.  



Angelic Heartspeak with Kathi Castelluccio

Kathi connects with the energy of Archangel Gabriel to receive word-for-word guidance, revealing the root causes for suffering or struggle in order to release blocks within and step forward into empowerment. In-depth insight is provided, identifying harbored pain, false limitations and energy blocks to help one gain understanding and take proper action to positively shape life. With this comes release and clarity of vision, enabling the individual to move more freely and joyfully toward the soul’s purpose. Kathi will be scheduling appointments for personal readings and signing her book, Heartspeak: Time for Truth - An Archangel’s Answer Guide for Humanity


KarmaCords® – Bracelets & Necklaces to Raise Your State of Being

Our mission is to uplift people and inspire them to take positive action and create their destiny.  We do this through our unique bracelets and necklaces with powerful symbols, natural gemstones, and aromatherapy.  These three things can change our state in an instant and when we are in a positive state of being, we can do just about anything.  Most of our pieces are locally handcrafted and/or designed by local artist Sanjay Shah using some of the best materials and techniques. Our motto is "Stand out. Own your power. Be inspired. Love yourself unconditionally. Grow and transform.  Break through limitations. Live joyfully. Spread Harmony. Celebrate. Bring your positive energy to the world!”


Seven Stars

Seven Stars is a leading provider of t'ai chi, qigong, Oriental wisdom and metaphysics classes in Dupage county and beyond. We teach at park districts including Bensenville, Bloomingdale, Elmhurst, Lombard, Roselle, Villa Park, Warrenville, and Wood Dale. We also teach at a number of holistic centers and independent living, assisted living, and memory care facilities throughout the area, bringing health and wellbeing to many of the counties residents. Many of our classes are accessible to participants of all abilities. Meet our instructors and learn more about the classes and programs we offer. We will also have finger labyrinths, Chinese health balls, acupressure rings, massage tools and much more available for sale. During TheosoFEST we will be presenting programs on the t'ai chi classes we will be teaching at The Theosophical Society in the fall. Visit our website at, or contact us at for more information. He who breathes most air lives most life.



Think Wholistic

Think Wholistic is a registered 501C3 with a mission to encourage and educate people about a Whole List of ways to live healthier and happier. Founder Linda Memmesheimer is also an associate of USANA Health Sciences and will be featuring skincare and nutritional products as well as the book she created called Grow Your Dreams, to help entrepreneurs focus on making their dreams come true.


Akashic Love & Light!

Akashic Record Readings. Christine is a Chicago-based Akashic Record reader, and a certified crystal and Reiki practitioner. Her passion is using the Akashic Records to help people discover their life’s purpose, reveal relevant past lives, and help uncover and heal karmic debts, ties and relationships.


Carol Robinson

Heart Space Images Fine Art Photography

Stop by to shop fine art photography with a spiritual aspect.


Love of Learning

Shop for scholastic books for children, books on teaching reading by Ijya Tulloss, and hands-on card materials to teach reading.



Rose Angel Guidance

Receive angel readings through automatic writing from Rose Reaves.  This is the truest form of reading, given that she writes your messages exactly as spoken by the angels. When you receive an angel reading, you will find their intent is to point you toward the enjoyment you are missing, always helping you to release any blocks that may keep you from being happy. Come join me for an angel reading, and discover how to find your inner joy.


Divine Cosmic Alchemy with Denise

Come have the experience of reconnecting your soul mission to it’s cosmic origins through a bespoke energy transmission!  Denise’s unique body of work is the newly evolved energies of numbers called Galactic Numerology. These new dimensions of energies can be applied to relationships, career, finances, self-perception or health. Galactic Numerology assists you in reconnecting to your cosmic origin - awakening your Divine birthright of joy and bliss!  Divination and light language are used to co-create your session.  $45 for 30 minutes. High frequency jewelry is also available for purchase.  You may choose to have the unique energies of your Galactic Numerology session encoded into your jewelry (additional cost).


Triple Goddess Apothecary and Reiki

I am Emilee Florea.  In my journey to find healing and self love I became a certified Reiki Master Teacher. After suffering family trauma, and not quite healing all the way, I began a spiritual journey to heal my heart and soul. In my journey to find healing and self love I became a certified Reiki Master Teacher.  I was able to find inner clarity and peace with Reiki, oils, and crystals.  My goal is to share this healing with others inhaling the mind, body and spirit. All my products are made by hand using all natural and organic ingredients. I provide specially formulated perfumes, lotions and bath salts that are Pagan and Reiki blessed for healing. I also carry incense, candles, crystal grids and notebooks. I provide Reiki, oracle card readings and Tarot Card Readings.

Whole Love Organics,

natural products for the whole family.  Handcrafted with love in Naperville, IL.  WLO started with a single stick of deodorant that Grace made on her stove to make sure she wasn’t passing any harmful chemicals to her son while he was nursing.  Grace feels that if she can get as many people as possible – women especially – to use natural deodorant, she feels like she is making a positive difference.  Come shop everything from dry shampoo to tooth powder, bug spray to skin care!

Digby Bertram, Avalon Trading
crystals, jewelry, sage, palo santo, handmade stained glass,
sacred geometry items.


Linda Kay's Art
Mixed Media Artwork with a Spiritual touch. Artwork of Spiritual and Chakra Symbols in beautiful metallic watercolors. Healing HeArt artwork and information on workshops and commissioning artwork for yourself or as a gift. 


Stacey Lynn Cripps, Spiritual Medium, Mentor & Entertainment Medium

Stacey will be offering to schedule evidential, heartfelt Spiritual Readings to connect with your departed in Spirit in Heaven to experience LOVE & HEALING and give away 1 Free Spiritual Reading!  These healing messages from blessed loved ones in Heaven instill peace, love, and joy in your heart to stay.  She will personally invite you to The Renew Conference, a grief and healing conference happening November 16th in Naperville . As the host of this event, she brings together the best of the best, award-winning authors, speakers and transformational grief & trauma practitioners dedicated to making a difference for all those who attend.  She will be demonstrating the Gift of Spirit from the stage giving evidenced Spiritual readings ~ messages to the audience/attendees from their departed loved ones in Heaven for Love & Healing and to know without a doubt they are Always with us and just a loving thought away.


Lilla Rose Hair Accessories

Our products are hand crafted hair accessories for all hair types, lengths, textures and styles. The "Flexi Clip" is constructed with music wire, which is used to string beads, jewels, leather, etc. We have 7 sizes; it is tangle free and built to last. We also have decorative hair sticks, upins, headbands and Bobbie pins. Our accessories are easy to use. There are video tutorials on my web page, show demonstrations on how to use all of our products. Watch the video tutorials to see easy styling tips, that take less that a minute to do and anyone can be successful doing.


Karen Weber

Fox Valley Yoga Teacher Training with Karen Weber ERYT-500, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, LMT, CCA offers 200 and 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Programs. These trainings help you grow into a Yoga Teacher that is able to lead a group or an individual seeker on the Yogic path from a place of a well-rounded knowledge of Yoga fundamentals, daily Yoga living and inner wisdom to become one who can skillfully address and assist the individuality and uniqueness of each student. All trainings are held in an intimate group setting where you are exposed to the transformational aspects of the practice while developing a deeper connection and understanding of your highest potential and a realization of your authentic Self.  


Mary Rondenet 

Transformational Breath® is a powerful self-healing technique that helps us breathe more deeply using the entire respiratory system. With a fully connected breath we can encourage physical, mental and spiritual restoration.

Benefits include decreased tension, de-toxification and increased energy.  Using this breath you can integrate repressed patterns, freeing you to experience new levels of love, joy and freedom. Practitioners of this art report greater insight and clarity into their life's purpose, greater peace and expanded creativity.

Simple Balance Health Center

specializes in holistic health, energetic medicine, and nutrition for the mind, body, and soul compassionately empowering people of all ages to overcome chronic health conditions; as well as, guiding those focused on wellness and transformational spiritual growth.



“Stop by for a 20 minute full body LED Light Therapy session, which utilizes frequencies and wavelengths to stimulate your body’s own healing substances.   LED Light Therapy is an incredible, all natural solution for any kind of pain, and also an lovely way to relax.”

Heather Ockler 
Passion Studios: I create, design and craft all items I offer. I create one of a kind capes; silly pants made from saris; beautifully crafted greeting cards; and original beaded necklaces. 
The Racial Identity Organization

empowers individuals, families, and groups across the racial identity spectrum to undo racism and build a more equitable and inclusive future by 2050.
The Racial Identity Organization creates an inclusive and supportive space where people of all racial identities access resources and educational materials to improve and inspire their lives. Our movement is a direct response to the ever-growing population of individuals that fall between and across socially-constructed and politically-maintained racial categories. Scientists suggest that by 2050, this multicultural population will become the majority, and we intend to prepare for this future. We encourage the dissolution of racism, xenophobia, and bigotry by embracing the entire racial identity spectrum, educating broadly about the historical and contemporary implications of the race worldview, and assisting those who have experienced pain or rejection as a result of their racial appearance, experiences, and identity. Through our library of materials, products, seminars, workshops & retreats, individuals, families, and groups will find common ground, acceptance, understanding and the tools to build healthy, confident lives.
Visit our booth for healing, art, and inspiration. Jasmine, Laura, and Suzi will be offering tarot readings, oracle readings, plus henna and flash tattoo sessions.  
Jewelry, crystals, books, poetry, and more will also be available for sale.  
Kids enjoy a free quartz crystal of their choice.  
First come first serve!  
Limited sessions available. Text to book your appointment now! 
Tarot readings
Jasmine 630-501-6577 
Oracle readings
Laura 630-999-0576 
Henna & Flash Tattoo
Suzi 708-518-8769

Stay Young to 100
The author, Charlotte Hackin, will be here to sell her book, 
She herself is 100 years old.
Book is $17.95.   200 pages.

    Dana Lundin LAc CST CYT

has been a healer in the Chicago area since 1980.  Her signature work is Ancient Energetics ~ Integrative Energy Medicine, a synthesis of acupuncture, shamanic healing and yoga. Imbalances and obstructions in the meridian system, auric field and limited expression of our authentic selves can manifest as pain and disease.  Sessions will be offered 50 min/$100.00  or 25 min/$50.00. Experience  relief and insight into present complaints and move forward with tips to maintain and continue  the positive changes achieved during your session.


Gina Orbe

Healing Arts Metaphysical Center

630 937-4094


Sprayroma Therapy

Offering Reiki-charged 100% pure handmade essential oil healing salves, sprays, and more. We also provide services in Healing and Nature Reiki, Aura Cleansings, and Intuitive Card Readings using Goddess Oracle and Egyptian Cartouche.

Information on the emergence of the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom, His teachings for humanity and priorities for the world. + Information about Transmission Meditation - a group meditation involving the down stepping and transmission of spiritual energies done in cooperation with the Masters of Wisdom as a potent way to serve the world.  


With Shaklee's all natural products we are helping to advance the movement from sick care, to well care. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This is more true today than ever before!
We provide options to help you take care of your health now. Come and check out our "Prove It Challenge", and find out if you're 'up to the challenge'!
Take a personalized Health Quiz!


 Joanne Koenig-Macko

is an award-winning global visionary artist, author of two new books,
Surviving Earth School I & II about her near-death experiences,angel visits and lessons learned on the other side.. Her newest book will be available at the show, Surviving Earth School - Mastering Your Life Joanne also produces the annual Lightworkers Conference for the last 21 years.


Julie Kasluga

offering Canine massage 



Macrame Designs

By Romina



is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering those touched by cancer.

We donate care packages, host socials at oncology units, and have free workshops for cancer fighters, caretakers, and survivors.

We create unique hand-poured candles with inspirational messages hidden throughout the wax. Candles have a magic ability to warm our hearts and illuminate the darkness. As our candles burn, handwritten messages of love and support are discovered. These messages are all unique and written with the intention of bringing peace and hope to the person who has lit the candle.

Purchasing one of our candles, cards, or bracelets helps us carry on our mission to bring empowerment to those impacted by cancer.





Naperville Healing Center is an Alternative Eastern Medicine Holistic Center

We offer Spiritual Life Coaching with a variety of alternative holistic treatments that will put you on the road toward optimal health. 

Treatments such as Access Bars, Chinese Cupping, Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Mayan Spiritual Healing, Meditation Sessions, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Chakra balancing Massage, One on One Yoga, Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF), Reflexology, Reflexology Lymph Drainage Technique (RLD), and Reiki. 

Our holistic approach to healing focuses on both the spiritual and physical aspects of well-being. We treat the mind, body, and soul as a whole. Our mission is to provide affordable holistic healing through the technology of today and the generation wisdom of past ancestors.


The International School of Healing & Yoga

is a natural holistic alternative medicine school. We offer courses to Illinois and international residents. 

Our school’s staff includes:
Doctors of Natural Health, Doctor of Naturopathy, Doctors of Integrative, Homeopathy, Reiki practitioners, Lymphatic Drainage practitioners, Alternative, Medicine Practitioner, renown Yogi’s, certified and licensed practitioners, and natural health care interns. 

The International School of Healing & Yoga was created to incorporate holistic healing internationally. To bring awareness to the root cause of ailments with affordable online classes as well as in classroom programs that allow you to get your healing on.


 If you are interested in participating as a vendor please contact Diana Cabigting at

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