India Palace Restaurant
242 E. Geneva Rd., Wheaton, IL
phone: 630-681-8002/8005 

Vegetable samosa, Aloo Matter, Chana Masala, Rice, Naan, Mango Lassi

Kimmer's Ice Cream
109 E. Front St. 
Wheaton, IL 60187
We will be serving scoops of Caramel Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean, Cookies 'n Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip
Single Scoops: $4
Double Scoops: $7
Bottles of Water: $1.50
All ice cream is homemade right here in Wheaton!

Olcott Library




  Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library
Free magazines, audio cassettes, and video cassettes from the library. Plant Sales from plants growing in the library. Cards/Photographs taken on the grounds at Olcott. Used Book Sale in the library!

Learn about our Mending and Book Preservation Services
Visit the library's collection of Sacred books from worldwide traditions, its Archives, DVDs, CDs, and the online theosophical encyclopedia, 



The Theosophical Society
Information about The Theosophical Society,
brochures, classes, special events, programs.

Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom

Spin the Spiritual Wisdom Wheel to gain insights to your questions. Listen to a CD of thousands singing HU, a transforming sound, and love song to God. Pick up free Spiritual Wisdom booklets on inner guidance, dreams, relationships, conquering fear, and much more. Find information on ECK Light and Sound Services, round table discussions, children's classes, and upcomng seminars. Enter a free book raffle to win a book by Harold Klemp.
More information at or 630-427-5950.


Waldorf School of DuPage

Waldorf education is a holistic teaching method that doesn’t just rely on intellect but rather engages a child’s entire being for learning. Every subject is taught through art, music, movement, and story, allowing students with a variety of learning styles to thrive and achieve deeper comprehension. The playing field is leveled so children don’t just learn through textbooks and lectures. On any given day you may find a class painting, hiking, or singing while learning.



Dynamic Digits

Numerology helps us understand our Soul's Purpose for this LIFE and the tools and resources we were given to accomplish it. Our Birth Angels mirror our connection to the DIVINE and help us translate what is meant by "Bringing Heaven Down to Earth!



Whispers of Love

Whispers of Love offers 15-minute animal communication sessions for $40 as well as Reiki and shamanic healings for people and animals.



The Bada Creative and Leaping Hare Pottery

Stop by for an amazing collection of handmade porcelain and stoneware creations from three unique ceramic artists. Items include animal spirit masks, small treasure holders, lidded jars, incense burners, essential oil necklaces, mugs, altar bowls and cups, candle holders, and whimsical miniature garden accessories.



Pre-Loved Goddess Jewelry

Some things old… Some things new… Some things in-between! We'd love to spend some time with you and help you find some bling. Thank you to all our customers from past TheosoFESTS!



Tarot Readings with Lynda Spino and Vincent Pitisci





Animal Reiki with Amber

Animal Reiki with Amber helps provide a restorative balance for your pet companion through energetic healing. This connection opens the space for your pet to heal on a physical, social, and emotional level. Amber will be sharing animal Reiki information and 15-minute Reiki-infused tuning fork sessions for your pets.



The Lightheart Center

Come to our booth for free smiles and hugs. Receive massage and healing sessions for $1 per minute. Join our email list and be entered in a raffle for great prizes, products, and services. See you there!


The Gathering Lighthouse

The Gathering Lighthouse will be providing psychic medium readings, Tarot card readings, Reiki healings.



Moonlight Healers

Moonlight Healers will be offering Reiki and selling jewelry.


The Summit Lighthouse

The Summit Lighthouse®, a non-profit organization, is the official source for teachings of the Ascended Masters from Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and their students. We are dedicated to making these teachings available to all those looking for answers to life’s difficult questions. The Summit Lighthouse offers workshops, seminars, conferences, online courses, book study groups and events at local teaching centers, as well as opportunities to share with like-minded friends at various levels of affiliation. Books, CDs and DVDs will be available.

  Katherine Einhorn    


Katherine Einhorn

Katherine is an intuitive Oracle and Goddess card reader. She has a psychological background and helps people raise their vibration to walk their best path. She also creates art and gemstone trees.


Whole Life Whole Yoga 

is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We provide yoga instruction for special needs people. At TheosoFEST, we sell yoga related goods at our booth. Your purchase will help us continue our service for people with disabilities.


Tarot Readings with Kassandra

Kassandra's insightful card readings will entertain and surprise you. She is an experienced Tarot card reader and crafter of Tarot art. See your favorite tarot cards in recycled picture frames and art boxes. 

  moon shadow      

Moonshadow Healing

Enjoy Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy!



Art Girl Pottery

Linda Wagner is a Wheaton ceramist offering one of a kind, custom pottery using a combination of lettering, wood blocks, laces, vintage textiles, organics, antique buttons, metals, and stamps to impress original designs into earthenware clay. Her artistic creations include photo frames, platters,  bowls, vases, wine carafes, dishes, mirrors, wall art, trivets, and an incredible selection of unique pendants. No two pieces are ever the same. There is also a line of fully customizable pieces.


Melissa Mahon

Dr. Melissa Mahon of Journey To Present will be offering complimentary Access Consciousness Bars mini-sessions. The Bars are 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars session, a practitioner gently touches these points to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have limited you in the concerned life areas. Dr. Melissa is a Bars Facilitator and Practitioner, meaning she teaches classes to learn Access Bars as well as does individual Bars sessions in Geneva, IL.


Spring Forest Qigong

Stop by for a variety of Qigong healing offerings that use your energy, generational energy, and the practitioner’s energy to open up blockages in your system for emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual healing!

 Purium Logo      

PURIUM Health Products 

In the “H.E.L.P. ME Rhonda!” Booth we are….

Healing Everything & Living Prosperously!

Purium Health Products is a trustworthy 25+ year health company that creates & manufactures organic, non-gmo, whole food, and superfood products.

We have the highest quality CBD oil & natural solutions for gut repair, cleansing, sleep, energy, and weight loss.

Get a FREE $50 GIFT CARD for $50 off your first order!

For more, visit or



Learn to Meditate with the help of yogic transmission. Experience the beauty of the heart. Heartfulness is a simple and natural path of heart-centered wellness that fosters balance, peace and wellbeing. The introductory practices include a relaxation exercise and Heartfulness meditation. With continued practice, Heartfulness can enable us to reach profound depths of meditation and achieve inner transformation. Join us at our booth to experience Heartfulness relaxation and meditation. You can also visit our center in Lombard to fully experience Heartfulness meditation.


Lillia Rose Hair Accessories

Lilla Rose offers affordable, hand crafted, high quality hair accessories. We have decorative hair sticks, decorative bobby pins, headbands, name badge holders and our trademarked Flexi Clip, which is strung on music wire.  The Flexi Clip stays in place from the tension of the clip around the thickness of your hair, so it will never slip out. It is a custom fit and it does not damage your hair.  Our products will turn a bad hair day into a FAB hair day in a matter of seconds!

 Dorothy Bury Shaw    

 Dorothy Bury Shaw

Artist,  author, and poet Dorothy Bury Shaw  fell in love with a divine Presence as a very small girl.  Through a lifetime of exploration, she began to experience again a greater Whole, and the depth of that all-encompassing closeness she knew as a child, a Oneness, a profound Interbeing, a Love Without Distance. Dorothy Bury Shaw’s art and poetry focuses primarily on the spiritual journey of the untamed woman. She explores the courageous aspects of self-discovery, awakening, and expanding of the heart.  In her art she achieves a rich, other-worldly quality by the use of intricate layers of ink, watercolor and colored pencil on rag paper. Every line is purposeful; each element is symbolic. She brings her art, her poetry, books, and note cards to TheosoFEST for the first time this year and looks forward to meeting and connecting with the attendees!

 Journeys Path    

The Journey’s Path

Stop by our booth to experience a vibrational sound therapy session with singing bowls, talk to a psychic, shop, and connect with our practitioners! The Journey’s Path is a new metaphysical shop & wellness center in West Chicago, IL – one mile south of North Avenue on Route 59. We offer the tools you need for your journey including crystals, essential oils, divination, meditation, vibrational sound, tarot, personal care products and so much more.  Our Know It Owl Studio practitioners and teachers are certified in a variety of wellness fields, such as Reiki, vibrational sound therapy, Akashic Record consultation, crystal healing, crystalline consciousness technique, essential oils, and other therapies.


 If you are interested in participating as a vendor please contact Diana Cabigting at

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