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Friday Online Gurdjieff Study Group
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Friday, weekly 10:00-11:15 AM (Central Time) ongoing

Facilitating Staff who lead this Study Group are all experienced students of the Work as Gurdjieff's teaching has become known. Staff changes from time to time. Current facilitators: Ocke deBoer, Sy Ginsburg, Gwynne Mayer, Bonnie Phillips.

The practical teaching of G.I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949) requires ongoing self-observation over many years. The purpose of such self-observation while making the effort to self-remember is to gradually free us from our identifications with fears and desires in their many forms. This helps us to realize that we are not the body-brain-ego organism that we have been mistakenly taught to believe is our true identity.

For this purpose pupils typically organize themselves into ongoing groups that meet regularly in order to share their self-observations, and in support of their ongoing efforts to remember themselves. “Remember yourself always and everywhere” is the aphorism expressing the central teaching that Gurdjieff brought. Participants bring their self-observations to share at the beginning of each meeting. Afterward, there takes place a reading from the course textbooks, Nicoll, Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, or Gurdjieff, Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson and from which a psychological self-observation exercise is selected for participants to work on in between the group meetings.

This is not an introductory group, so you need to be familiar with Gurdjieff’s concepts and terminology in order to participate. If you are not, please download the introductory book Ginsburg, Gurdjieff Unveiled (Lighthouse, 2001) which is now offered as a free Ebook on the Theosophical Society website. Download

If you would like to participate, please email the registrar, Sy Ginsburg, for further information and an Invitation to participate. Because of the interactive nature of this Study Group, participation is necessarily limited.