The Theosophical Society in America

Minneapolis Lodge

The Minneapolis branch of the international Theosophical Society

Our lodge is one of the oldest lodges in the country, personally chartered by H.P. Blavatsky & Col. H.S. Olcott. We host open public meetings at Church of St. Francis, 3201 Pleasant Ave., Minneapolis 55408, 7-9 pm on the second and fourth Monday nights each month with refreshments and parking east of the church. $10, suggested donation.  (612) 747-9851.

Upcoming events:


DEC. l0 Psychotronics Society member Tim Lippcrt will speak on Radionics. $l0. Refreshments 

DEC. l7 PK Party! Hosted by Paul & Robert Gilsdorf. Learn to perform psychokincsis. Bring‘your own spoon to bend! Refreshments. $10

JAN. 14 Regina Brenner of the Anthroposophical Society started by Rudolf Steiner will speak on Society's Waldof School. Refreshments. $10.

JAN. 28 Movie “Deep Underground Military Bases (2011, 70 min.) Looks into military contact with UFO's. Refreshments. Suggested donation.

FEB. 11 Frank Joseph will speak on his new book Military Encounters with Extraterrestrials. Pictures.. Book sales, signing..$10. Refreshments.

FEB. 25 Movie “The Tapping Solution” (2009, 90 min.) Explores body tapping as a healilng technique. Refreshments. Suggested donation.

MAR. 11 Don Prohaska will demonstrate and describe his special dowsing techniques and tools for practical healing. Refreshments. $10.

MAR. 25 Movie “Afterlife” based on study of life between lives. Features author Raymond Moody. (2015, 70 min.) Refreshments. Donation

APR. 8 Movie “What Dreams May Come.” Robin Williams. (Universal, 114 min.) Considers life after death. Refreshments. Suggested donation.

APR. 22 Sara Axtell reveals cosmology and mythology of Heathenry or Asatu with spinning and card weaving in a mini-workshop. Snacks. $10.

First Monday monthly. Call Jon Schasker for details (612) 374-3992