Theosophical Classics Upgrade

This is the link to download the upgrade for Theosophical classics. Please remember to install the fonts that come with it, so that you can properly see the foreign terms.

Download here!

Online Resources

  • Articles: Articles representing a variety of topics and points of view from various Theosophical writers, both past and present.
  • Audio Library:  Free Theosophical lectures, available as streaming audio or mp3 download.
  • Video Library: Visit our online media library and watch programs on Theosophy and related subjects.
  • Books: We are in the process of adding more Theosophical books to this page.
  • Leaflets: These educational leaflets provide Theosophical perspectives on a number of topics.
  • Self-Study Courses: These free study materials are available online in Adobe PDF format. They are suitable for group or individual study.
  • Theosophical Essays: Short essays exploring a variety of Theosophical themes.
  • NEW Theosophical Web Search (TWS)  runs on Microsoft Windows. TWS is a handy program that uses Google to search selected Theosophical web sites and books
  • Webinars: Currently active online classes.
  • Webinar Archives: Explore our archives of past online classes.

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