2008 Tibet Daily Travelogue

Tibet Daily Travelogue
by Tim Boyd

RamocheLittle is known about Blavatsky's travels in Tibet. We know that she entered Tibet on three occasions and met the Panchen Lama at the Tashi Lumpo monastery in Shigatse. The two Masters responsible for the founding of the Theosophical Society also lived near Shigatse, and that travel was an arduous affair for her. However, the imprint of Tibetan spirituality and practice is deeply embedded in the teachings and worldview that Blavatsky transmitted which we recognize as contemporary Theosophy. Our pilgrimage took us through central and southwestern Tibet to places HPB most likely visited and put us in touch with numerous power spots of some of the great Tibetan masters to whom she referred in her writings: Atisha, Tsongkapa, Padmasambhava, various Dalai Lamas, and others. We all came away with a sense of connection to a vibrant and potent spiritual heritage. What follows is a daily travelogue of some of our adventures. Enjoy.

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