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Enjoy this new version of the President's Diary, written, directed, produced, AND narrated by the president himself.


Caer Hallundbaek from the Godspeed Institute for Spiritual Learning interviews Tim Boyd on various topics in relation to Theosophy and the TS work.
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February 2012

Having just returned from India, Singapore, and New Zealand I had the luxury of being in the office for all of four days. Then it was off to the Krotona Institute of Theosophy for the annual Partners in Theosophy program. The Partners program began in 2009 after a series of conversations between John Kern and Nelda Samarel who was then director of the Krotona Institute. The conversation began with the question, “What can we do to develop the next John Algeo or Joy Mills?”, then reached a less lofty level, “How can a program be designed to interest, support, and guide both new and seasoned Theosophists who wish to develop or strengthen skills that will enhance the presentation of Theosophy?” Since that time, the program pairing up long time active members with promising fellow students has taken place annually at Krotona.


Tim Boyd and Vic Hao Chin

This year it coincided with a visit from Vic Hao Chin, who is former president of the Philippine TS and editor of the chronological editon of The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett. Vic focused on “Mainstreaming Theosophy.”

Although many are familiar with Krotona, for those of you who are not, it is one of the jewels of the theosophical world. It is set on top of a hill with fruit trees, lotus pond, library, and surrounded by mountains. Since the 1920s, TS members from around the world have gathered for a variety of classes, workshops, and meetings. This visit, and this happens every time I am there, I found myself thinking, “I could live here.” Then the moment passed, and I returned to the gray of winter in the Midwest.
Our winter here at Olcott has been brightened by a constant flow of out-of-town members, international and domestic. Right after finishing his work at Krotona, Vic Hao Chin came our way for a visit. Vic does not come our way nearly as often as we would like. So, when he is with us we have a tendency to shamelessly overwork him. During the five days he spent here we asked him to present four Webcast programs and attend innumerable in house meetings. Fortunately for us, , he seems to thrive on this level of interaction. One of the truly wonderful things that came out of these meetings was a vision of a new Web-based tool for study of the Mahatma Letters. During the last couple of years, Pablo Sender and our archivist, Janet Kerschner, have been fleshing out a collaborative "wiki" encyclopedia of Theosophy, which links extensively to Vic Hao Chin's wiki Theosopedia. The new twist is that the Theosophical Wiki being developed will have each of the Mahatma Letters represented by an article that includes photos of the precipitated letters, transcriptions, annotations, and links to information about the people, places, and ideas referenced in the letters. Vic shared his expertise with the letters and wiki software to help us to refine our design. It is an exciting project and the process of posting articles to the site has begun. Janet expects to be able to walk members through a demo of the site at this summer's national convention.


Before Vic left for home we were joined by Isis Resende from Brazil and her husband Rodrigo. For most members in the TSA there is a little known fact about TS work in Brazil. TS Brazil has for a number of years been broadcasting 24 hours a day on TV stations throughout Brazil. At one point they even operated their own satellite network out of the Resende home. The stations broadcast a programming mix that is about 50% theosophical and 50% related subjects like yoga, astrology, nutrition, etc. Over the years of broadcasting they have developed a substantial list of theosophical programs in Portuguese, Spanish, and some in English. .

Tim, Isis and Rodrigo Resenge


During her visit Isis, Chris Bolger (IT/AV department head), Steve Schweizer (AV), and I met and developed a plan to set up an Internet TV station. Drawing on the combined video resources of TSA and TS Brazil we will be streaming video content online. Chris and Steve, our technology gurus, have worked out the details and plan to have it up and running soon. Stay tuned. (Pardon the pun.)

Other visitors this month have been historian, author, and theosophical scholar Michael Gomes and Adam and Rosemary Warcup from England. Adam is a Mahatma Letters scholar and past president of the British section of the TS. Rosemary is a vivacious lady and a well-recognized healer. In the interest of treating all of our out-of-town visitors equally, we overworked them too. We are fortunate that people who have a lot to give seem to enjoy giving.

   Adam Warcup

Adam Warcup and Tim Boyd



As I write this, we have been joined by Minor and Leonie Lile, longtime friends and camp managers at Indralaya. They have wanted to visit for several months. Minor served on the TSA board of directors for six years, and we had the opportunity to work together for three years during John Algeo's administration. Leonie actually lived here at Olcott for two years back in 1978-80 when her aunt Dora Kunz was president. I joke with them that they made the mistake of telling me, “Put us to work. No job too big or too small”. Be careful what you ask for.

Minor and Leonie Lile Tim and Lily Boyd


Oh, and did I mention that our board of directors met for four days? This has been a busy month!

January 2012


TimBJust before Christmas I left for my first visit to our international headquarters at Adyar in Chennai, India. I was there for the annual meeting of the General Council (the governing body of the TS composed of the General Secretaries/Presidents of national sections and some appointed representatives), and for the annual international convention. Going to Adyar has something of the quality I imagine people feel who make the pilgrimage to Mecca. The Adyar campus is the place where for the past 130 years so much of the TS's history has been made. It was the home of HPB, Olcott, Besant, CWL, I.K Taimni, Sri Ram and so many more. It is a beautiful 270 acre campus which the city of Chennai, with its almost five million people, has grown up around.

While there I was kept busy mainly meeting many of our fellows who had come, mostly from India, but also from every corner of the world. I also had the opportunity to present a public lecture to more than one thousand attendees; chair the TOS meeting on “Dealing with Cruelty to Humans, Animals, and Other Life Forms”; and present the graduation certificates at the women's vocational school of the Olcott Educational Society (OES).

From India it was on to Hamilton New Zealand where I was the featured presenter at their Summer Convention whose theme was “Secrets of the Past”. New Zealand is one of the youngest nations in the world, being founded in 1860. In many ways it was quite a contrast to India in the sense that one of the outcomes of India's long and rich history is that with time a culture of multi layered and multi faceted traditions has grown up. New Zealand is still too young to have formed a consistent structure of traditions. There is a certain directness and freshness that these Kiwis (New Zealanders) possess. Also, this was the land of Geoffrey Hodson. This fact and the closeness to a vibrant and largely unspoiled natural environment seems to have resulted in a heightened sensitivity to energies. Clairvoyance, energetic healing, and awareness of the presence and flow of energy patterns in the land is quite normal to the members I met. I finished my stay with a talk at the HPB lodge in Auckland – a lively and historic group.

Next was Singapore. Because my wife, Lily, is from Singapore this was not my first visit, to the city or to the lodge. The Singapore lodge has 400 members and operates out of an impressive suite of rooms in a modern office complex. The meeting at which I spoke was for members only, an approach they use to keep the audience below 100. Typical to Singapore's make up, the group is composed of ethnic Chinese, Indian, and Malay people. Under the leadership of Sanne and Lily Chong they have developed an in depth and very organized approach to study and to the conduct of a lodge.

Beyond jet lag, and the realization that I had taken far too many planes and crossed too many time zones, the upshot of all of this travel was that I came home with a deep sense of optimism for the global TS. What made the most profound impression was the resources available to the society. Everywhere I visited I saw TS buildings and land, schools and libraries, bookstores and publishing houses, but these are not the resources that moved me most. The resource which impressed me the most is the people I met. Within our little Theosophical Society there are exceptional people, in every land. People whose potential is merely awaiting the conditions to shine. I came home convinced that with just a little thought and work our future is bright indeed.

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Adyar, Chennai, India
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TS in Singapore

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TS in New Zealand

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