Spiritual Round Table Discussion Group: Exploring the Unseen Worlds of Spirit 

Mondays 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. 
September 18 – December 11 (13 meetings)

Spiritual Round Table Discussion Group fall 2023

Contributions appreciated. No registration required. Join at any time! 

All are welcome to participate in this topic-based discussion group exploring a variety of teachings related to spirituality, such as spiritual evolution, karma and reincarnation, the astral plane, divination and synchronicity, the meaning and purpose of life, and much more!

Come and share your insights or simply listen and learn in a supportive and respectful environment.


Schedule of Weekly Topics:

  1. What is a human Being? 
  2. Spiritual evolution 
  3. The Source of Ancient Wisdom 
  4. Living in a Plurality of Faiths 
  5. Spiritual Self-Transformation
  6. Sharing Life Changing Experiences 
  7. Wisdom and Knowledge 
  8. Karma and Reincarnation 
  9. Life after Death, Beliefs of the Major Religions
  10. Meaning and Purpose of Life
  11. Astral Plane 
  12. The essential Unity of all Religion
  13. Divination and Synchronicity 

Location: 1926 N. Main Street in Wheaton, IL