An Understanding of the Psychic and Spiritually-Unexplained Laws and Powers of the “Immortal Ego”

eugene jenningsPsychic and spiritual abilities, powers, and forces (as they are conventionally considered) along with their unexplained laws, have always been an interest, and hope, of humanity. Such abilities embrace a vast range of phenomena, without the need for us to necessarily have a deepening understanding of the noumena upon which they are based. This presentation will attempt to provide a theosophical view and framework, whereby an understanding of these laws, phenomena, and noumena can be seen as being an inherent aspect of our immortal and Divine SELF. Being inherent, they are accessible, in degrees, by the incarnating ego.

Eugene Jennings is a longtime student in the study of Theosophy. He is affiliated with the United Lodge of Theosophists in New York City. Eugene has also spent many years living and working through the ULT in Los Angeles, California. Believing in the importance of communication and understanding, especially when applied to the universe of theosophical thought, he has been a member of ITC since its inception as an organization in 2008, serving as vice president and president. Eugene has shared theosophical teachings internationally, and still has the privilege of communicating and exchanging theosophical ideas with members of The Theosophical Society in its various organizations around the world. He currently works full time in the medical fields of psychiatry and neurology.


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