The NDE Zone: Connected by the Light from the Cosmic to the Subatomic

Thursday, October 17, 7:00 p.m. CDT

the nde zone with mark anthony 10 14 21Since the dawn of human history, people have reported near-death experiences, shared-death experiences, deathbed visions, and after death communication. These phenomena happen when the energy of the human soul interfaces briefly with the higher vibration of the Afterlife Frequency. This interdimensional communication occurs in the NDE Zone—between our material world dimension and the Other Side dimension.

One of the most profound aspects of these phenomena is encountering the Light. Since ancient times, belief systems worldwide describe an encounter with the Divine Power known as God in terms of light. Albert Einstein said, “We are all Light Beings.” Light is also the only form of electromagnetic energy visible to the human eye.

World-renowned psychic Mark Anthony will take viewers on an entertaining and educational journey into the past to uncover how contact with the NDE Zone has impacted humanity. From the cosmic to the subatomic, Mark will explain our present understanding of The NDE ZONE through quantum physics and conclude by looking toward future discoveries yet to be revealed from the NDE Zone. 

mark anthonyMark Anthony, JD, Psychic Explorer is the author of The Afterlife FrequencyNever Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity. He is an Oxford-educated attorney, world-renowned psychic, nationally recognized legal analyst, frequent speaker at international conferences and universities, and favorite guest on TV and radio shows. He is the cohost of the live stream TV show The Psychic and The Doc on the Transformation Network and a regular columnist for Best Holistic Life magazine. Anthony divides his time between Florida and Southern California. Visit him online:  

This program will be streamed on YouTubeFacebook, and our website.

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