Theosophy and Myth: Part 2 - Theosophist as Hero

Theosophical Classic 1991 
Thursday, July 14, 7:00 p.m. CDT

Theosophical Classic 1991 Theosophy and Myth Part 2 Theosophist as Hero with stephan hoeller 7.14.22We invite you to watch this special lecture from the Theosophical archives!

In this 2-part interview from 1991, Linda Jo Pym interviews Gnostic scholar Stephan Hoeller on the idea that Theosophy has an intimate connection with myth. Hoeller claims that Madame Blavatsky understood that myth, rather than being an untruth or outright lie, actually was a favorite method of the ancients for conveying universal truths.

In part two, the recurring cultural motif of the Hero’s Journey, a common theme of Western mythology, is explored in relation to living the Theosophical life. This involves a journey over many lifetimes that begins in a state of confused innocence, leading to various trials and tribulations, and finally resulting in the hero achieving a state of integrated wholeness.

Stephan A. Hoeller is an American author, scholar and proponent of esoteric tradition and religion. He was born in Budapest, Hungary, of Austro-Hungarian nobility. Exiled from Hungary following World War II and subsequent Communist rule, he studied in academic institutions in Austria, Belgium, and Italy. In 1952 he emigrated to the United States, and has since resided in Southern California. An author and scholar of Gnosticism and Jungian psychology, Hoeller is the Regionary Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica, and the senior holder of the English Gnostic transmission in America. He has lectured in Australia, New Zealand, England, Europe, and the US. He is a national speaker for the Theosophical Society of America.

This program will be streamed live on YouTubeFacebook, and our website on July 14 at 7:00 p.m. CDT.

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