How Quantum Physics Lets Perception Shape Reality

Thursday, August 15, 7 p.m. CT


How Quantum Physics Lets Perception Shape Reality Chris Ferrie 8.15.24The Standard Model of modern physics includes no more than 18 particles. The majority view among philosophers and scientists asserts that everything — mind, body, consciousness, love — comes down to interactions between these particles. But we do not experience the world in these microscopic terms. We experience the macroscopic world, where dualism and other supernatural concepts feel real. Quantum physics is the bridge between these two worlds: the inaccessible microscopic world and the reality we create as we participate in it.

Chris FerrieChris Ferrie, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at the University of Technology Sydney and the Centre for Quantum Software and Information. His research interests include quantum learning and control. His passion for communicating science has led from the most esoteric topics of mathematical physics to more recently writing children’s books, such as Quantum Physics for Babies, and a whole collection of other titles that make science accessible even for the youngest children. His most recent book, for adult audiences, is Quantum Bullsh*t: How To Ruin Your Life with Advice From Quantum Physics.

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