Nature Spirits and Devas: Nature’s Invisible Commonwealths

Thursday, March 7, 7 p.m. CT

Nature Spirits and Devas Tim Wyatt 3 7 24Hidden from normal vision, there are concealed legions of entities at work in our world. Without them, none of the kingdoms of nature could reproduce or survive. These empires of nature-spirits or elementals are pivotal in creating, preserving, and renewing all life. Operating in the etheric and astral realms, these vast hierarchies have appeared in every tradition and every nation down the corridors of time — until now, when they have been banished to the realms of myth, legend, and superstition.

In this talk, Tim Wyatt explores why this world of fairies, trolls, pixies, and satyrs is so vital and suggests ways we can reconnect and even cooperate with these vast collections of invisible helpers.

Tim WyattTim Wyatt is an esoteric writer, lecturer, researcher, and organizer. A broadcast and print journalist for half a century, he has won awards for his plays and TV documentaries. He has produced numerous TV films and currently writes for various esoteric publications worldwide. Tim is the author of more than 50 books including Cycles of Eternity: An Overview of the Ageless Wisdom. He is the founder of The School of Applied Wisdom based in Leeds and also helps to run the Leeds Theosophical Society.

This program will be streamed live on YouTube, Facebook, and our website on Thursday, March 7 at 7 p.m. CT.