Theosophical Teachings of Sri Madhava Ashish

Man, the Measure of All Things  
Facilitators: Anand Jagota, Sujata Jagota, and Elena Dovalsantos
Mondays, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. CDT [UTC-5] / 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. IST [UTC+5:30]
April 6 – June 22   No meeting May 25

Man, the Measure of All Things

Temple of Krishna and Radha at Mirtola ashram by Sumita Roy Dutta licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0


This ongoing reading and discussion group meets to study the teachings of Sri Madhava Ashish (1920-1997) and his gurus. Born in Scotland, Ashish joined the RAF and served in India, staying on after WWII to pursue the spiritual life. He became a disciple of Sri Krishna Prem and assumed leadership of the Mirtola Ashram after Prem’s death in 1965.

We are currently studying  Man, the Measure of All Things by Sri Krishna Prem and Sri Madhava Ashish. This book throws a new and searching light upon the Stanzas of Dzyan, and students of H.P. Blavatsky may find it coincides with the material written in The Secret Doctrine.

“This is the real purpose of the ancient cosmogonies,” say the authors, “to invite us to turn our gaze inwards to the source and origin both of the ‘outer’ universe of phenomena and of the ‘inner’ universe of consciousness, … and above all, to fathom the ultimate mystery of selfhood.” Join us as we continue our investigation of this fascinating book, a study for all serious Theosophists.

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Anand Jagota was a pupil of Sri Madhava Ashish from 1980 through 1997, visiting the Mirtola Ashram several times during that period.

Sujata Jagota has been associated with the Mirtola Ashram and Ashish since she was four years old, when her parents began going to the ashram. After moving to the United States, she continued to visit Mirtola from 1980 through 1997.

Elena Dovalsantos, a third-generation Theosophist, lectures internationally on The Secret Doctrine. A regular presenter at the Krotona School of Theosophy, she also serves as president of the Ojai Valley Lodge in California.

In memoriam. This study group was started in 2016 by Sy Ginsburg, who also facilitated and advised other Theosophical Society online programs until his death in 2019. Sy became a member of the Theosophical Society in 1978 and served as president of the Miami Branch. He was the author of several books, including The Masters Speak: An American Businessman Encounters Ashish and Gurdjieff.

Group Resources 

Click to order Man, the Measure of All Things from Quest Books. 

Meeting Format 

This is a live, interactive online study group that is also recorded for on-demand viewing. The book is displayed on-screen, and a participant reads a short selection aloud. The facilitators then open up the floor to questions and discussion regarding the passage. Afterward, another participant continues with the reading. Our goal is to send recordings to you within two business days, often sooner. 

Software Platform 

Zoom Meetings for Windows, Mac, or mobile device; microphone or telephone connection required; webcam recommended; minimum recommended network bandwidth 1.5 Mbps. If desired, you may download the Zoom software to your computer or mobile device. Please email for further information.

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