Death: An Interlude between Two Activities  

Mondays, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. CDT  
October 10 – 31 (4 classes) 
TS members: $70 • Nonmembers: $80

Death An Interlude between Two Activities with william meade 10 10Death is an unavoidable aspect of human existence, though mystery and fear often surround it.  From the perspective of the soul, death is understood as a cyclical process, and is experienced as a stupendous act of liberation from its immersion within form. As an essential hiatus, death allows the soul to integrate the wisdom and experience that incarnation has given to it. Death is therefore best understood as an interlude between two activities.

In this four-part course, William Meader will closely explore the mysterious and awe‐inspiring enigma of Life—for life and death are one. While we are familiar with Life as it animates physical form, we lack the capacity to perceive it when independent of form. William will therefore deeply penetrate the mystery of Life itself. By doing so, participants will gain a rich and eloquent understanding of death and the majestic service it renders unto Life.

Below are some (but not all) of the additional topics that will be explored. We hope you can join us.

  • Karma and the blessings of reincarnation
  • The death experience and the bliss of Devachan
  • The “second death” that inevitably follows one’s physical passing
  • The permanent atoms, and the soul’s orifice of departure
  • Methods of living in preparation for death

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Late registrants will receive recording links to all missed sessions for on-demand viewing.

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williammeaderWilliam Meader is one of the most influential and respected international teachers of esoteric philosophy. With his gentle humor, sensitivity, and deep understanding of the spiritual path, he provides a diverse array of workshops and lectures. Author of Shine Forth: The Soul's Magical Destiny and his newest, Supernal Light: A Compendium of Esoteric Thought, William has also published numerous articles on all aspects of spirituality. Visit for more.

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