Annie Besant and The Laws of Higher Life: Tools for Leading a Life of Service

Thursday, October 5, 7:00 p.m. CT

Annie Besant and The Laws of Higher Life with Sabine Van Osta 10.5.23

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In 1902, Theosophical Society President Annie Besant gave a lecture called “The Laws of the Higher Life” in Varanasi (India). In 2018, over 100 years later, the International Theosophical Society adopted a new mission statement that strikingly and concisely put forward a number of elements Annie Besant spoke about in her lecture. This mission statement expresses exactly what the TS is all about since its foundation, and what it still wishes to contribute to the world of today:

To serve humanity by cultivating an ever-deepening understanding and realization of the Ageless Wisdom, spiritual self-transformation, and the unity of all life.”

Each one of the elements can be used for profound meditation and offers spiritual anchors in today’s turbulent world for individuals, families, and communities alike. Indeed, in the current circumstances, those in favor of a peaceful and harmonious world for all are happy to receive support and guidance from the Ageless Wisdom, which has always existed, which still exists, and which will exist forever.

With Annie Besant’s framework of Higher Life as the backdrop, we will explore avenues of service hidden in this mission and how to become inspired by treading the path that is so well described in several theosophical classics and wisdom scriptures from both East and West.

Sabine Van OstaSabine Van Osta has been an active member of the TS since 2001. She served as a board member of the Belgian Section from 2004 to 2008, and then served as secretary. In 2013, she became the president of the Belgium Section. In 2022, Sabine was elected Chair of the European Federation of Theosophical Societies (EFTS). Sabine gives lectures and leads study groups on core theosophical themes in Dutch, French, and English, and translates texts on theosophical and religious themes. In daily life, she works as a corporate paralegal in charge of board and shareholder matters. She lives in Antwerp, Belgium with her husband.

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