Shadow Magic: A Contemplative Tarot Practice

Saturday, April 6, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. CT  
TS Members: $35 • Nonmembers: $40

Shadow Magic A Contemplative Tarot Practice Sasha Graham 4.6.24Carl Jung first developed the concept of “shadow self” to describe the things people repress or do not like to acknowledge. Everyone has a shadow self. What does yours say about you? It is only with an honest appraisal of the seat of our souls that we can mend ourselves individually and collectively. This is the work of Shadow Magic, and it is essential for those who desire self-actualization.

We are multi-dimensional, holistic creatures who are ever-shifting between polarities. We move between sleep and wakefulness, high and low energy, responsibility and pleasure, and of course, darkness and light.

Through the practice of Shadow Magic, you have an opportunity to create a new narrative for yourself every time you flip a card. In this workshop, you will learn…

  • How to identify shadow qualities
  • How to evaluate the shadow, the ego, and fear to harness their power
  • How to work with tarot shadow reversals
  • How to embrace discomfort in a tarot reading
  • Why the shadow holds treasures, expansive joy, and the love we hide from ourselves
  • Contemplative insights and techniques with the cards

We will explore each of these steps through guided meditations and visualizations, writing prompts and journaling, and personal tarot-reading practice.

Registration includes on-demand access to a recording of the program, which can be viewed for two weeks following the program date.

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Sasha GrahamSasha Graham is a world-renowned tarot expert and writer who teaches and lectures around the globe. She is the author of 12 books including Tarot Diva, 365 Tarot Spells, and Magic of Tarot. She served as editor and writer of publications including Lo Scarabeo’s Tarot Fundamentals, and is a contributing author of Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac and other publications. Her tarot decks include Tarot of Haunted House, Dark Wood Tarot, and Tarot of the Witch’s Garden. For more information,

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This is a live, interactive online program that will also be recorded. Our goal is to send the recording to you within two business days, often sooner. The recording will be available for on-demand viewing for two weeks following the program date.

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