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The Theosophical Society in America National Headquarters These events, workshops and retreats are offered at our National Center, 1926 N. Main St., Wheaton, IL.

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Foundations of Therapeutic Touch: The first course

Saturday, January 19, and Sunday, January 20, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Healing with the heart and hands

Therapeutic Touch is a gentle, healing practice using the hands, heart and mind that brings a sense of balance, peacefulness, and well-being to those who are ill, dying, or those with simple everyday stressors. It decreases pain and anxiety. It is a holistic, evidence-based healing modality that incorporates the intentional and compassionate use of universal energy. An additional benefit, related to the compassionate, meditative nature of the practice, is the deep sense of peacefulness and well-being it brings to the practitioner. TT is well researched and has a significant presence in health care settings in the U.S. and all over the world. This course establishes a foundational knowledge base for beginning TT practice. For those who seek the credential of “Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner” it is the first of two courses.

Marilyn Johnston-Svoboda, RN, EdD, QTTT, is a retired professor of nursing. She is a member and educational trustee of the Therapeutic Touch International Association. Janet Wehr, RN, QTTP, a registered nurse and a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, has devoted nearly 20 years of her career to hospice care. She is author of Peaceful Passages: A Hospice Nurse's Stories of Dying Well (Quest Books, Fall 2015). Lisa Leamy, RN, BSN, QTTP, is a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital and presents for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of DuPage.

Please bring a vegetarian lunch for each day and a shawl or throw to keep you warm. Tea, water, and snacks are provided during breaks.

$100 includes a booklet and handouts

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Meditation Retreat: Navigating Life’s Changes and Challenges

Friday, January 25 – Sunday, January 27

SanitkaroWe often view our lives in terms of oppositions: good and bad, old and new, friend and foe. These perceptions and beliefs provide a sense of security for navigating the continual changes of circumstance in our personal lives. But change is remorseless, and new events can challenge our comfort zone. We might hunker down in the familiar, seeking to maintain comfort and security, or we might be swept away by the bewildering chaos of new events that aren’t yet understood. However, Buddhist teachings and meditation practices can help us face these situations and challenges in a positive and constructive way. With skillful guidance from Santikaro, we will explore some of these challenging questions and develop Buddhist practices that help us work through them. The retreat will include noble silence for meditation and contemplation, guided practices, and Dharma talks.

Santikaro is the founder of Liberation Park, a Buddhist retreat center in Wisconsin, where he teaches Buddhism and meditation with an emphasis on the early Pali sources. He was a Buddhist monk for 19 years and a disciple of the renowned Thai meditation master Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. 


As space is limited, early registration is encouraged.
Retreat sessions, meals, private lodging—$350
Retreat sessions, meals, shared lodging—$250
Retreat sessions, meals—$150

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Join Sanitaro January 24, for his lecture:The Middle Way: Embracing a Balanced Life.

Spirit Circle Drumming

Saturday, February 2, 3:00 – 4.30 p.m.

Karen TrustyNurture your spirit through rhythm and meditation. Based on a blend of traditions, this Spirit Circle draws on our most ancient roots to creatively raise group energy. Each round will begin with a chant or Native American flute song. Rhythm instruments will gradually come in until the drumming reaches its natural conclusion. A few moments of silent meditation will follow as we take in the energy that was raised and send it out in blessings. This is a safe place to connect with your deepest wisdom, honor your inner guidance, and create more love and light for yourself and the universe. You are welcome to bring your own drums, rattles, or rhythm instruments. A limited number of shared instruments will be available.

Karen Tlusty-Rissman is a musician, astrologer, artist and celebrant of Spirit. She currently leads a variety of meditation classes in the western suburbs and has facilitated sacred circles for over 35 years. She weaves the common threads from many Earth-centered traditions as well as astrology, aromatherapy, and energy work to provide participants with a direct connection to their inner Source. Karen plays the Native American flute, concert flute, bass guitar, Tibetan singing bowls, and gong. She is available for private consultation, meditation classes, musical performances and lessons. Visit her at

$10 per person

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Sound Healing with Tibetan and Crystal Bowls

Friday, February 8, 7:00 p.m.

Yolanda LozanotRelax and bathe in the sounds and frequency of crystal bowls. Their vibration brings harmony to the etheric, emotional and physical bodies, shifting the brain into higher states of consciousness, slowing down thoughts, and opening the heart to healing. Deeksha, or the Oneness Blessing, creates balance in the hemispheres of the brain, releases fear, and invites the higher frequency of love to enter, allowing us to reconnect with our spiritual essence.

Yolanda Lozano has over 20 years of extensive bicultural training in the healing arts from master teachers in India, China, and the United States. She integrates breathing techniques, toning and chanting, meditation, movement, vibrational energy healing, and self-care while listening to the True Self within. For more, visit

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a mat and/or blanket to lie on.

$25 in advance, $30 at the door

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Yin Yoga and TRE: A Workshop for Relieving Stress and Tension

Saturday, February 9, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Jill DavisStress, tension, and trauma all create physical manifestations in our bodies in addition to causing mental turmoil. Learn time-tested methods for calming and healing your mind and body from stressors through a combination of yin yoga and TRE (tension-releasing exercises). Yin yoga is practiced to nourish organs, calm the nervous system, and give greater mobility to the joints. Through yin yoga, we will explore poses that stimulate energy pathways to the kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, and lungs. You will also learn TRE to reconnect with your body's own natural ability to shake out deep, chronic tension patterns and discharge an overcharged nervous system.

Jill Davis is a highly experienced practitioner/instructor of yoga (yin and yang), Energy Touch Healing®, and Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE)®. Jill has refined her teaching through advanced training and often incorporates yin yoga with TRE. She also provides Energy Touch Healing sessions to individual clients. Jill is certified by the Yoga Alliance, has her TRE Provider Certification, and is certified in Energy Touch.

$30 nonmembers, $25 members, $35 at the door

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Tibetan Powa Yoga: A Tantric Practice for Obtaining Higher Rebirth

Weekend Retreat

Friday, February 15 –Sunday, February 17

Glenn MullinEveryone would like to attain full enlightenment in this lifetime, but not everyone does so. Some seekers make it partway and then run out of time. As a result, the remainder of the work is left for our next life.

Powa Yoga is a tantric yoga for opening the death channel and prepares our body and mind for an optimal “blast off,” or exit from this body. Every system of Tantric Buddhism teaches a form of it, and almost all Himalayan Buddhists learn one or another of these methods in their youth. Having established the imprint of proper “blast off” methodology, one may obtain a higher rebirth.

This weekend retreat/workshop will present the Powa methodology as taught in the two systems from the great ancient Indian masters, as transmitted into Tibet in the lineages known as the Six Yogas of Naropa and Six Yogas of Niguma, with references to several other important transmissions.

The weekend will conclude with a Powa empowerment, so that participants can become qualified in the practice. We will also look at one of the very popular Bardo Janchok practices, whereby an accomplished Powa practitioner can assist a recently deceased loved one who is wandering in the bardo.

Lama Glenn Mullin trained in Tibetan Buddhism in the Himalayas for 15 years, and has published some 30 books on Tibetan Buddhism. He has taught Buddhist meditation for the past 30 years, often touring for six months of the year through North America, Asia, and Europe. He also leads pilgrimages through the sacred sites of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan each year. For more visit

As space is limited, early registration is encouraged.
Retreat sessions, meals, private lodging—$350
Retreat sessions, meals, shared lodging—$250
Retreat sessions, meals—$150

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Join Glen Thursday, February 14, for his lecture: Bardo: The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Soul Visioning™: Clear the Past, Create Your Future

The Workshop

Saturday, February 23, 10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  

Susan David WisehartSoul Visioning uses higher Soul guidance – the part of your mind that is lucid, wise, creative, and inspired to envision your ideal future. The processes involved combine the best of hypnotherapy, energy psychology and soul-guided reveries, enabling you to access and heal deep unconscious limiting core beliefs from this life and past lives. You will also receive groundbreaking tools to continue the envisioning process and more fully express your divine potentials.

The workshop includes:
-Guided journeys in holographic time to envision your ideal soul-infused life in work, relationships, health, finances, and spirituality
-Group-guided past-life regression to discover talents, relationships, or patterns carried into this life
-Instruction on groundbreaking energy psychology methods, including the “WHEE” (Whole Health, Effortlessly and Easily) technique to clear limiting beliefs, patterns and habits

Unload your baggage from the past and connect more deeply with the joy of living your Soul’s purpose!

David Birr has facilitated weekly soul growth groups for 50 years. He has taught courses and presented lectures on many topics, including intuition, dreams, soul development, forgiveness, esoteric psychology, meditation, astrology, relationships, numerology, the enneagram, healing, reincarnation, and karma. His inspirations include Edgar Cayce, A Course in Miracles, Alice Bailey, David Spangler, and Rudolph Steiner. He is also an environmental engineer and owns his own company dedicated to improving air and water quality and energy efficiency.

Susan Wisehart, MS, LMFT, CHT, has been in private practice for over 25 years as a holistic psychotherapist, licensed marriage and family therapist, certified hypnotherapist, and international author of Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future. She holds a master’s degree in psychology and was trained by Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton in past life regression.

$60 nonmembers, $50 members, $70 at the door

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Join David and Susan Thursday, February 21 for their lecture: Soul Visioning™: Clear the Past, Create Your Future - An introduction.

The Shamanic Way of Living, Practicing, and Creating with Spirit

Saturday, March 2, 10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Christina PaterosEmbrace important shamanic practices including Earth ceremonies, journeying practices, experiencing the three shamanic worlds for empowerment, and connecting and deepening relationships with our allies. Intentions for the day will include both personal and collective work. Whether new to shamanic practices or a seasoned practitioner, all are welcome. Come with the desire for a heart-opening experience as we connect with Spirit and expand our repertoire of daily practices.

Dress in layers for comfort. Feel free to bring a mat/blanket, stones or crystals, medicine bundle, or a portable sacred shamanic tool if you own one (rattle, feathers, etc.). Flowers are welcomed for the Earth ceremony.

Christina Pateros is a painter and healer. Her work reflects what she sees and what her heart remembers. Her shamanic healing practice serves adults and children in conscious living and dying, and includes space and land clearing and blessing. She combines her art with healing, integrating creativity as a dynamic part of living fully through ceremony and teachings. Christina lives in Boulder, CO and welcomes art collectors and healing clients worldwide.
For more, visit

$70 nonmembers, $60 members, $80 at the door

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Exploring the Four States of Consciousness

Meditation Retreat

Saturday, March 9, 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Pablo SenderThe four states of consciousness described in Hindu yoga literature (waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and "the fourth") can be taken as a map to guide us in our inner explorations. Based on the teachings presented in his Thursday night talk, "A Map of the Field of Consciousness," Pablo Sender will guide us in different techniques of meditation designed to help us raise our consciousness toward our spiritual nature. The retreat will consist of four short talks followed by 30-minute practice sessions, which will start with guided meditations before passing into silent work. The techniques used in this retreat deepen progressively, giving an opportunity to meditators of all levels to profit from the experience.

Pablo Sender, PhD, has been a member of the Theosophical Society since 1996. He has lived and worked at the International Headquarters of the TS in Adyar, India; at the National Center of the TS in America; and is currently at the Krotona Institute of Theosophy in Ojai, California. An international speaker, he has presented programs and retreats in India, Europe, Oceania, and the three Americas. He writes for many Theosophical journals and is the author of the book Evolution of the Higher Consciousness. Visit his website at

$60 nonmembers, $50 members, $70 at the door

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Join Pablo Thursday, March 7, for his lecture: A Map of  the Field of Consciousness.


Stress and Your Body Type: Using Ayurvedic Medicine for Healing

Saturday, March 16, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Trupt GokanWhen you become stressed, are you restless, irritable, withdrawn – or maybe a combination of all three? How does your stress type present itself with illness? Discover your Ayurvedic mind-body stress type and learn how to mend your unique imbalances for a healthy, happy life. Dr. Gokani will share the food, herbs, teas, and essential oils that will help you achieve balance in your system. She will also reveal how the chakra energy system is linked to imbalanced brain patterns that perpetuate your imbalanced stress type. You will leave this workshop with practical tools to create a harmonious mind and body using ancient principles of healing and health.

Trupti Gokani, MD, is an award-winning, board-certified neurologist who has dedicated her life to developing a unique blend of modern medicine and ancient philosophy. She earned her medical degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she also completed her training in neurology, was Chief Resident, and pursued additional post-doctoral training and certification as a Master Clinical Psychopharmacologist. She also has credentials in Ayurvedic medicine and transcendental meditation. Dr. Gokani lectures extensively and is a regular guest on The Dr. Oz Show. For more, visit

$30 nonmembers, $25 members, $35 at the door

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Join Dr. Gokani, Thursday, March 14, for her lecture: Healing Headaches and Reducing Stress with Ancient Ayurvedic Medicine.

Triple Gong Experience

Friday, March 15, 7:00 p.m.

triple gongBecome immersed in the rich tonal vibrations of three harmonious gongs as you detach from the pressure and content of the mind. Evoking physical, emotional, and spiritual responses, the vibrations of the gongs work on multiple levels to stimulate, heal and transform. After a gentle, seated yogic warm-up and meditation to prepare the mind and body, relax and be embraced by sound.

Jenny Bergold (Jagatjeet Kaur) received her Kundalini Yoga instructor and gong training through the Kundalini Research Institute and Spirit Rising Yoga. Maureen Milliken (Haripal Kaur) is a yoga instructor, sound practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and shamanic facilitator. Sonja Herington (Amrit Prem Kaur) is the owner of Get Balanced, a KRI Certified yoga and meditation instructor as taught by Yogi Bhajan, a Reiki practitioner, Certified Chakra Therapist, and Soul Realignment practitioner. They are all honored to help you become more bountiful, blissful, and beautiful through Kundalini Yoga and this triple gong event.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a mat and/or blanket. In the communal spirit, we'll share a cup of homemade Yogi Tea afterward.

$25 in advance, $30 at the door

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The Sufi Heart: Embodying Rumi's Teachings

Saturday, March 23, 10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Pouria MontazeriLearn about the spiritual and cultural contexts embedded in the poetry of the best-selling poet in the U.S. Pouria will go beyond the written words and introduce you to the depth of Rumi's teachings through his use of symbols, metaphors, analogies, stories from sacred texts, and most importantly, Rumi’s own life and longings.

Explore embodiment practices to turn Rumi's sacred poetry and teachings into portals for spiritual awakening and transformation, including:

· Sacred remembrance practices (singing and movement)
· Guided heart-centered meditations and movements
· Sacred reading practices, journaling, and offerings
· Explorations of the spiritual and cultural context and idioms in Rumi's work through selected poems

Pouria Montazeri grew up with Rumi’s poetry and teachings and is fluent in Persian. He draws from his 28 years of experience with Sufism, Advaita Vedanta, and other mystical and contemplative practices as well as his experiences as a teacher, spiritual director/coach, speaker, poet, mindfulness instructor, sangha guide, mentor, and filmmaker to support himself and others to live more creative, peaceful, and meaningful lives. He wrote, directed, and filmed Shams & Rumi: The Fragrance of Axis Mundi, which won many international film awards. For more, visit

$60 nonmembers, $50 members, $70 at the door

Register here

Join Pouria Thursday, March 21, for his lecture: In the Footprints of Rumi.

Inviting the Light: Renew & Rejuvenate for the Spring Equinox

Friday, March 22, 7:00 – 8.30 p.m.

Samadhi BanksJoin us for a special evening to renew and rejuvenate yourself for spring following the vernal equinox! Contemplate the rhythms of nature and consciousness, and your relationship to Light in mind, body, and spirit as you refocus, find clarity, and begin to emerge from winter.

Enliven and re-balance for the new season ahead with a selection of cleansing, gently energizing practices from the Kundalini yoga and meditation tradition. Experience third-eye opening breathwork to activate your intuition, followed by gentle, accessible movements to activate the energies of your chakras and your body, as well as mantra meditation and deep relaxation.

Samadhi Banks has been dedicated to holistic wellness, yoga and meditation for nearly 20 years. She brings her breadth of experience and dynamic teaching style to in-depth studies and teacher training programs in the philosophy and practices of Kundalini, classical yoga and meditation, Reiki, and crystal and gemstone therapy. She also offers The Indigo Project, a course for understanding and supporting the unique needs of today's children from an energetic and chakra-based perspective.

Bring a meditation cushion and/or yoga mat for floor seating and relaxation, if desired. Chairs also available.

$15 nonmembers, $10 members, $20 at the door

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Spring Equinox Family Celebration

Saturday, March 23, 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Let us join together in celebration of the spring equinox. During this magical time, you begin to hear the songs of birds in the air and witness plants and flowers emerging from the earth. It is a time of growth and renewal. The celebration will begin by connecting to nature. Then we will sing, dance, create, share, and make music. We will also bring the energy from the celebration into ourselves by eating a small snack.* During the event, participants will have an opportunity to share personal traditions and spirituality. If you would like, please bring something that represents spring to you, such as a story, poem, or artwork. This celebration is designed for families with children but is open to all.

Genis Schmidt has been leading seasonal celebrations for over seven years and has taught outdoor education and nature-based spirituality to children. She is mentored in the Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) and has been trained in teaching DUP to children. She is married with two daughters and loves witnessing their sense of wonder about nature and spirituality.

Registration is required. Parents are required to stay with their children at all times.

*Please let us know if anyone has food allergies at the time of registration.

$30 (per family) for nonmembers, $25 (per family) for members

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Love In Action

Saturday, March 30, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Scott SabileDoes the world scare you sometimes? Do you feel powerless in the face of so much chaos? Do you want to make a difference but don’t know how?

It’s easy to believe you can’t affect any real, lasting change. But you make an impact every single time you show up to life with a kind, open heart. Nothing stands to transform our world more than a commitment to live our lives from love.

Join author Scott Stabile for an afternoon designed to reconnect you with the transcendent power of love. Stabile believes love serves as the base note for all that is good in our world, including kindness, compassion, forgiveness, vulnerability, and authenticity. Through discussion and writing exercises, we’ll spend time with those themes and reconnect with tools that return us to love when we act out of conditioning or fear.

Come with a ready heart, an open mind, and the desire to go beyond your comfort zone. There will be writing, so please bring a journal or notebook, and above all, a willingness to be honest with yourself.

Scott Stabile’s inspirational posts and videos have attracted a huge and devoted social media following. He is the author of Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart, Just Love, Iris, and the Li’l Pet Hospital series. A passionate speaker and love advocate, Scott runs empowerment workshops nationally and internationally.

$40 nonmembers, $35 members

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