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Meditation Retreat: Navigating Life’s Changes and Challenges

Friday, January 25 – Sunday, January 27

SanitkaroWe often view our lives in terms of oppositions: good and bad, old and new, friend and foe. These perceptions and beliefs provide a sense of security for navigating the continual changes of circumstance in our personal lives. But change is remorseless, and new events can challenge our comfort zone. We might hunker down in the familiar, seeking to maintain comfort and security, or we might be swept away by the bewildering chaos of new events that aren’t yet understood. However, Buddhist teachings and meditation practices can help us face these situations and challenges in a positive and constructive way. With skillful guidance from Santikaro, we will explore some of these challenging questions and develop Buddhist practices that help us work through them. The retreat will include noble silence for meditation and contemplation, guided practices, and Dharma talks.

Santikaro is the founder of Liberation Park, a Buddhist retreat center in Wisconsin, where he teaches Buddhism and meditation with an emphasis on the early Pali sources. He was a Buddhist monk for 19 years and a disciple of the renowned Thai meditation master Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. 


As space is limited, early registration is encouraged.
Retreat sessions, meals, private lodging—$350
Retreat sessions, meals, shared lodging—$250
Retreat sessions, meals—$150

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Join Sanitaro January 24, for his lecture:The Middle Way: Embracing a Balanced Life.

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