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Living Theosophy Series

Foundations of Theosophy

Mme. Blavatsky's Diagram of Meditation

diagram of meditation

By Pablo and Michele Sender

In the late 1880s Mme. Blavatsky dictated a Diagram of Meditation to one of her close students. The Diagram is meant to assist us in a process of spiritual transformation from the limited perception of our personal ego to that of the divine self. It offers a very comprehensible approach that is not limited to instructions for sitting meditation, but also includes a set of attitudes to be observed during daily life.

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Theosophy and the Experience of Living


By Amber Lefevour, James Lefevour, Michele Sender and Pablo Sender

Life may be taken for granted by many, but for those who ponder over fundamental questions our existence may seem an unfathomable mystery. What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning of happiness and suffering, of health and illness?

In this Series, we will explore the basic experiences of life aiming at understanding them from a spiritual point of view.

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The Practice of Meditation


By Joe Hasiewicz, Ed Moskowitz, Amber LeFevour and Michele Sender

Meditation, although not the only component of the spiritual life, is an important aspect of it. This Living Theosophy series explores the foundations of this practice and the obstacles encountered by the aspirant. We will also examine the therapeutic effects of being mindful as shown by modern psychological research and learn a unique technique of meditation that Madame Blavatsky taught to her closest students.

The presenters for this series are members of the Wheaton-Olcott Branch, which meets weekly at our National Center to explore Theosophical teachings.

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Theosophy and Christianity


By Pablo Sender, Michele Sender and James LeFevour

Is there only one possible interpretation of the Christian teachings? Or are there hidden dimensions in them? What is the relationship between the teachings of Theosophy and those of Christianity? In this series, we explore teachings of the Judeo-Christian tradition from an esoteric Theosophical perspective.



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The Secret Path


By Pablo Sender

Everything in the cosmos is subject to a process of evolution that takes eons to unfold. Most kingdoms of nature spontaneously follow this gradual growth, but human beings, by virtue of being endowed with a mind and free will, have the ability to influence the pace of this journey. The Theosophical teachings point to the existence of a path that can greatly accelerate the evolutionary process in those who are able to tread it.


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The Secret Doctrine: Esoteric Insights and Spiritual Practice


By Pablo Sender

This special series is suitable for those who are interested in discovering, or else re-discovering, Madame Blavatsky’s fascinating magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine. In addition to exploring both the reasons and methods for its study, it looks at some of the key theories and possible applications of the Three Fundamental Propositions found in the proem of The Secret Doctrine. This series was presented in video form to a live audience at the 2013 Australian School of Theosophy held at the Springbrook Center in Queensland.


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The Soul's Journey through Life and Death


By Pablo Sender

According to the Theosophical teachings, the purpose of our existence is to develop the divine seeds present in every human consciousness. This magnificent growth, which began with primitive man and ends with an enlightened being, takes eons to accomplish. Explore the natural laws and processes that affect the soul's journey through lives and deaths.



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The Evolving Cosmos


What is evolution? Is it a blind process of adaptation as proposed by science or is there a purpose behind it? The Theosophical teachings postulate a complex process of evolution that takes place not only at the physical level, but also in the intellectual and spiritual dimensions. Join Pablo Sender for this Living Theosophy webcast series exploring the aim of human existence in the context of a living cosmos.


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