The Theosophical Society in America

Online Webinars

Discovering Your Inner Self and Your Dharma

with Ed Abdill

Mondays, 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Central time (**)

January 8 - February 5 (5 classes)

Ed-AbdillIn Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, the Queen says to Alice, "Remember who you are." But do we really know who we are? In this series, we will make an effort to discover our own inner self, which in Theosophical teachings is called the reincarnating ego. Then we will search deep within to see if we can discover the true purpose of our life: our Dharma. Within each of the five sessions, we will find clues that may help us to understand and follow the path to enlightenment.

Ed Abdill, author of The Secret Gateway, and Masters of Wisdom, is a former Vice President of the Theosophical Society in America and past President of the New York Theosophical Society. He lectures for the Society throughout the United States and internationally.

 Weekly schedule
1. Discovering Your Inner Self
2. Dharma: The Lodestar of Life
3. Synchronicity: A Gateway to Opportunity
4. The Mahatmas, Our Brothers
5. The Road that Leads to the Heart of the Universe

(**) If you cannot participate in the live webinar, you will receive links to the recordings of each class that you can watch at any time.

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