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Walking the Theosophical Path Online Group
Wed Jan 18 @10:30AM - 11:30AM

The Dream Circle
Wed Jan 18 @12:30PM - 01:30PM

Higher Being Bodies
Wed Jan 18 @ 2:00PM - 03:00PM

Spiritual Astrology
Wed Jan 18 @ 7:00PM - 08:00PM

Friday Online Gurdjieff Study Group
Fri Jan 20 @10:00AM - 11:15AM

Current Webinars

Virtual Classroom

The Theosophical Society in America launched an exciting new technology which will allow us to bring live programs to you, right in the comfort of your own home! Now, those of us who are home-bound, or living too far away to attend a lecture or class at the National Center, can still share in the wisdom and insights of our wonderful instructors and presenters.  

Online Classes

Finding the Key in the Ageless Wisdom Tradition

with Ed Abdill

Mondays, 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Central Time

January 9 to February 6 (5 classes)

Ed-AbdillIn the Ageless Wisdom tradition, there are allusions to a key that leads to wisdom and freedom from human suffering. That key lies in certain universal principles that are the very basis of our nature. This webinar will point us toward the secret gateway that opens inwardly to the inner self. It will help us discover our own soul and distinguish it from the transitory aspects of our nature. If our search leads to new insights, we may find that our lives become joyful and worth living, even in their worst stages. Evidence, rather than beliefs, will be presented for consideration, and an effort will be made to induce participants to experience within themselves something of the inner reality that the Ageless Wisdom describes as the immortal SELF.

Ed Abdill, author of The Secret Gateway: Modern Theosophy and the Ancient Wisdom Tradition, is a former Vice President of the Theosophical Society in America and past President of the New York Theosophical Society. He lectures for the Society throughout the United States and internationally.

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Spiritual Astrology

with Gwynne Mayer

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

January 11- February 15 (6 Classes)

Gwynne-MayerEmbark on a spiritual and archetypal study of astrological charts, focusing on the transiting outer planets – Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and Pluto – and how they affect our personal destiny. This course will focus on how to counsel others and work with the information in your own personal chart to attain a higher order of spiritual development. Gwynne Mayer will teach you how to use outer planets to find the esoteric connection to your natal charts – an important factor in defining your spiritual path and where you are on it.

Gwynne Mayer, MA, has thirty years of post-graduate work in the areas of Jungian analysis, Gestalt therapy, child psychology focusing on autism/schizophrenia, ans educational leadership. She has studied the works of Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Rudolph Steiner and GI Gurdjieff for over 45 years and has studied astrology from some of the best teachers including Isabelle Hickey, Dane Rudhyar, Gret Baum (Jung's daughter), Liz Greene and many others. Gwynne’s focus is on the understanding of what makes us tick!

$60 Nonmembers - $50 Members

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Outline by week, and Youtube video

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The Secret Doctrine: The Formation of the Cosmos

with Pablo Sender

For the convenience of participants in different time zones, each class will be available live at two different times. In addition, all classes are recorded. Any registered student can watch them at any time.

Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Central time (4:30 – 6:00 p.m. UTC)
Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Central time (Wednesday 1:00 - 2:30 a.m. UTC)

February 7 – March 14 (6 classes)

Pablo SenderThe Secret Doctrine was H. P. Blavatsky's magnum opus and became a foundational contribution to modern esoteric philosophy. The core of this work is the "Stanzas of Dzyan," a collection of secret aphorisms that describe the development of the universe and humanity from an esoteric point of view. In this second series of 6 webinars, Pablo Sender will examine Stanzas IV, V, and VI, which describe the formation of our world through the guidance of a hierarchy of the "celestial architects."

Pablo Sender, Ph.D., became a member of the Theosophical Society in his native Argentina and has presented Theosophical lectures, seminars, and classes in India, Spain, England, and the three Americas. His articles, in Spanish and English, have been published in several Theosophical journals. Learn more at his Web site:

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The Soul's Intent

A Psycho-Spiritual Understanding of the Human Condition

with Ernie Vecchio

Every other Sunday, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Central Time

February 12 - April 23, (6 Classes)

Ernie VecchioThe Soul's Intent guides those on a spiritual journey to realize their true nature and the joy of presence through an innovative way of viewing the inner self, developed by Ernie Vecchio, author of The Soul’s Intent, psychologist, and wisdom teacher. There is a symbiosis of soul, ego, spirit and heart that works simultaneously during our personal struggles and adversity. The message: life is the most meaningful when we can view these experiences from a context that has integrity. Such a perspective allows us to live life in the present without focusing on the past or fearing the future. Vecchio will teach his methodologies for self-discovery and healing through a question-and-answer format that helps build a bridge between the psychological and spiritual, restoring intimacy and forgiveness to restore the divided self. Irma Francis, CHLC, will act as moderator to the questions produced in this webinar series.

Ernie Vecchio is the author of The Souls Intent, The Astonishing Dream of Job, Big Tail, Small Kite: The Wisdom of Balance and Gifted Compassionate Therapy: Intentional Guide Evolution: A Primer. He has a private practice in Charleston, WV. Prior to this he was the lead rehabilitation psychologist at a local hospital for 25 years. He taught counseling and psychology at the graduate level for Marshall University for 12 years, and currently hosts his own show, The Soul's Intent, available on BlogTalk Radio, iTunes, and Sound Cloud. An authority on psycho-spiritual evolution, Vecchio is the go-to person for what it means to be our best self. Inspiring, motivating, and thought-provoking, The Soul's Intent was born out of a deep dive into the wisdom that comes to the surface during human despair.

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Youtube video

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Mindfulness of Breathing - A Universal meditation Practice

with John Cianciosi

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:15 p.m. Central time

March 8 – April 12 (6 classes)

John CiancosiMindfulness of Breathing is one of the most widely practiced meditation methods in the Buddhist tradition. The Buddha himself used it on the night of his enlightenment and often praised its benefits. It is a meditation that can be practiced by people of all faiths and all ages; the only requirement is that one breathes! In this hands-on and informative course, you will have an opportunity to deepen your meditation experience by cultivating mindfulness, concentration and serenity. This can then be a foundation for the arising of insight and wisdom regarding the nature of existence. The course is designed to be progressive, with each class building on the previous one so that you can refine your skill. Each session will include instruction, a period of guided meditation, and time for questions and discussion.

John Cianciosi, a student of the late Venerable Ajahn Chah, was ordained a Buddhist monk in 1972 and served as spiritual director of monasteries in Thailand and Australia. He is author of The Meditative Path (Quest Books, 2001) and is currently the director of Public Programs at the Theosophical Society in Wheaton.

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Outline by week:

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Ongoing Groups

Nisargadatta Advaita Study Group

Online study group devoted to work on self-awareness based on the practical teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. 

Mondays,  12:30-1:45 p.m. CST

Co-facilitated by Pablo Sender and Ed Moskowitz 

IAmThatThe primary purpose of this Study Group is to support our individual efforts to be in the continual state of self-awareness or mindfulness or witnessing, the cornerstone of the practical teaching. Nisargadatta tells us: "There is such a way, open to all, on every level, in every walk of life. Everybody is aware of himself. The deepening and broadening of self-awareness is the royal way. Call it mindfulness, or witnessing, or just attention - it is for all. None is unripe for it and none can fail." (I Am That, Talk No. 67) 

This study group, using Nisargadatta’s exercises, provides an external will to do the work to undo our mis-education. We engage in weekly exercises/tasks of self-observation to enable us to be in the state of self-awareness, of mindfulness, of witnessing, and the discovery of who we really are. 

Study group textbook: Nisargadatta, I Am That (Acorn Press) 2012. Available on Amazon or at a discount from the Quest Bookshop (800) 669-1571. 

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Mahatma Letters Reading and Discussion Group

Co-facilitators: Pablo Sender, Fiona Odgren, and Sy Ginsburg

Monday,  10:30 - 11:30 a.m. Central Time

Beginning Monday, September 19th - Ongoing

Mahatma LettersFrom 1880 to 1885, H. P. Blavatsky's teachers, Mahatmas Koot Hoomi and Morya, engaged in an extraordinary body of correspondence with two influential British men living and working in India. These letters were published in 1923, and since then have become a primary sourcebook of the Esoteric Philosophy, along with The Secret Doctrine. Their profound teachings have challenged, stimulated and inspired genuine seekers and students of the Ancient Wisdom around the world for nearly a century.

Join this online discussion group to explore weekly the content of these letters and further your understanding of this important Theosophical text with the help of experienced students.


Pablo Sender, Ph.D., became a member of the Theosophical Society in his native Argentina and has presented Theosophical lectures, seminars, and classes in India, Spain, England, and the three Americas. His articles, in Spanish and English, have been published in several Theosophical journals. Learn more at his Web site:

Fiona Odgren‘s passion for Theosophy began over 40 years ago. For 30 years, she has been active in developing public programs on Theosophy in Western Canada was a writer and editor for the theosophical magazine Pathways for 16 years. She is currently president of The Theosophical Society in Victoria, BC, Canada. Her first book, Insights From the Masters: A Compilation is based on The Mahatma Letters and is being released this summer.

Sy Ginsburg, J.D. became a member of the Theosophical Society in 1978 and is a past President of the Miami, South Florida branch. He became a pupil of Sri Madhava Ashish and studied with him in the Indian Himalayas every year for nineteen years. Ashish introduced Sy to the Stanzas of Dzyan, the Gurdjieff teaching, the study of dreams, and the significance of the Mahatmas. Sy currently co-facilitates online courses in these studies, He is the author of The Masters Speak: the Teaching Letters of Sri Madhava Ashish, and Gurdjieff Unveiled: an Introduction to the Teachings of Gurdjieff."

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Theosophical Teachings of Sri Madhava Ashish

Anthropogenesis in the Stanzas of Dzyan

Madhava Ashish

Co-facilitators: Sy Ginsburg, Anand Jagota and Elena Dovalsantos

Mondays, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. Central time (8:30 - 9:30 pm INDIA time)


The Stanzas of Dzyan, is a pre-Babylonian epic poem seen psychically and recorded by Helena P. Blavatsky. It is the primordial document upon which modern Theosophy is based. The Stanzas in Anthropogenesis describe the journey of the ONE into manifestation and then materialization for the purpose of self-knowledge. Man is the ONE in human form that has the intelligence and ability to discover who he/she is, and as the ONE to return to the state of Unity but with the benefit of all the knowledge and experience gained through the human journey and its series of incarnations. Ashish refers to the ONE as "Absolute Being." Other Theosophists and Advaitists call it "Atma". Jung calls it "Self". Gurdjieff calls it "Endlessness".  

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Walking the Theosophical Path Online Group

The Path of Discipleship

facilitated by Pablo Sender

Every Wednesday from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. Central Time (**)

Pablo Sender

Walking the Theosophical Path is an online group focused on the practical aspect of Theosophy.

Starting on October 5 we will explore "Preparation for Discipleship," using as a basis the Theosophical classic At The Feet of the Master by J. Krishnamurti, and the article "Qualifications for Chelaship" by an Mohini Chatterjee. Weekly exercises will be suggested and discussed to assist the participants' practice.

Pablo Sender, Ph.D., became a member of the Theosophical Society in his native Argentina and has presented Theosophical lectures, seminars, and classes in India, Spain, England, and the three Americas. His articles, in Spanish and English, have been published in several Theosophical journals. Learn more at his Web site:

(**) The classes are recorded. If you cannot participate live, you can still register and receive weekly a link to the recording.
Participants are encouraged to make a quarterly donation. 
Suggested donation - $35
Existing participants need not re-register.

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Higher Being Bodies

with Ocke de Boer and Gwynne Mayer

Wednesdays, 2:00-3:00 PM Central Time 

Higher Being Bodies

This is an esoteric course with an emphasis on applying sacred ideas rather than just describing them. The aim is to cultivate greater consciousness and this requires that we make an effort. In order to really understand the sacred ideas, we need to work on ourselves. This work proceeds along the two lines of "Knowledge" and "Being." Knowledge is understood as studying the information this work offers you. ‘Being’ is what you are, and it has many sides. You may be active or passive by nature, easily offended or hardly ever offended. You may be sincere or disingenuous, diligent or lazy. When you work on yourself, and make effort to increase your consciousness, you try to apply Knowledge to your Being. By doing this, you exercise your potential Higher Being Bodies so that you can become human in the fullest meaning of the word. Weekly exercises will be given for you to practice so that you can become more conscious. The course requires a moderate understanding of ancient theosophical principles.

Ocke de Boer is the author of the text: Higher Being Bodies and will present the group from Holland, his home. Gwynne Mayer will co-facilitate as a helpmate to Ocke. Ocke studied Esotericism in Amsterdam for 4 years at a Raja Yoga school for Universal Thinking, the school of Saswitha, which is non-dualistic thinking. He gained a general education on philosophy, religion and esoteric systems at that school, without getting lost in any of them. He combines these many systems of knowledge in our textbook, Higher Being Bodies.

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Wheaton-Olcott Theosophical Study Center


Wheaton-Olcott Theosophical Study Center
Wednesdays, 7 - 8 PM

We are pleased to announce that the Wheaton-Olcott Theosophical Study Center, which meets at the National Center of the Theosophical Society in America, will embark upon a program of study open to members of the Theosophical Society. Attendance is free and can be online or in person. Visit the Study Center's webpage to see the resources, topics we will begin to explore this year and how to register to participate from home. Send an email to letting us know the name under which you are a member of the TS in America, and we will e-mail you back an ID and password. Then click here and sign in the online room with the information we sent you.

The Dream Circle

An Online Dream Study Group
Wednesdays,  12:30 - 1:30 PM (Central Time) ongoing

Dream sharing has been an integral part of many cultures, helping individuals to recognize the symbolic language in which our dreams speak to us. As HPB wrote: “Knowledge comes in visions, first in dreams …”. The interpretation of the symbols in our dreams, helps us to access this knowledge of the Spirit (Self) that speaks to us from our subconscious.

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The Fourth Way: The Experiential Psychology of Spiritual Transformation


Monday, weekly 6:30-8:30 PM (Central Time) ongoing

Facilitators: Michael Hurd; Dr. Russell Schreiber, author of Gurdjieff’s Transformational Psychology: The Art of Compassionate Self-Study

The Fourth Way developed by G.I. Gurdjieff is a transformative psychological vehicle to help develop one’s inner life through a unique process of self-study and exploration. In this way each person’s life becomes his or her true university.

The focus of the group is to learn the practice of compassionate self-study.  

Read more: The Fourth Way: The Experiential Psychology of Spiritual Transformation

Gurdjieff Study Group

Friday, weekly 10:00-11:15 AM (Central Time) ongoing

Facilitating Staff who lead this Study Group are all experienced students of the Work as Gurdjieff's teaching has become known. Staff changes from time to time. Current facilitators: Ocke deBoer, Sy Ginsburg, Gwynne Mayer, Bonnie Phillips.

The practical teaching of G.I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949) requires ongoing self-observation over many years. The purpose of such self-observation while making the effort to self-remember is to gradually free us from our identifications with fears and desires in their many forms. This helps us to realize that we are not the body-brain-ego organism that we have been mistakenly taught to believe is our true identity.

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Meditation Practices and Perspectives


Meditation Practices and Perspectives
Every Sunday at 9:30 AM, Central time
With Jim Bosco

LOGIN as Guest

Each week we will have discussion, instructional guided meditation, and silent meditation time covering various meditation methods. We will also cover all aspects of beginning and sustaining a regular meditation practice. This group will be suitable for all levels of meditators from beginners learning meditation to experts seeking fellowship and the opportunity to share their experiences.