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The Masters Speak: Teachings of Sri Madhava Ashish

A Eight Week Course October 6 - December 22, 2012

With Sy Ginsburg

Sy visited Sri Madhava Ashish every year for nineteen years at Mirtola, an ashram with deep theosophical roots in the Indian Himalayas. In this course Sy presents the teachings of Ashish and his guru, Sri Krishna Prem, based upon their seven requirements for direct self-initiation. These requirements include self-remembering, meditation in silence, dream work, and intentional effort. Mirtola was founded in 1930 by Gyanendra Chakravarti and his wife Monica, who became the first Mirtola guru. The Chakravartis were close disciples of Annie Besant, and Dr. Chakravarti accompanied her to the first Parliament of Religions at Chicago in 1893. Sy Ginsburg is past president of the Theosophical Society in Miami & South Florida.   

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