Was It An Angel

By Don Elwert

Originally printed in the March - April 2005 issue of Quest magazine. 
Citation: Elwert, Don. "Was It An Angel." Quest  93.2 (MARCH - APRIL 2005):59

My mother was in a nursing home and needed twenty-four hour care. Cancer had taken hold of her body and we were told it was just a matter of time. Not wanting to die alone, my mother asked if someone could stay with her, so I volunteered. We reminisced about Dad and my sister, who both died at an early age. Mom said that when it is a person's time to go to heaven, they know. She wasn't sure how, but she believed the person just knew.

One night Mom was so weak she couldn't talk. When she looked at me, it was like she was looking through and beyond me. She lifted both arms, as though reaching for something, and then reached for me. When I came to her, she took my hand and squeezed it softly. Her eyes opened wide. It was as though something was happening that only she could see.

"It's okay Mom. Let go of this body. There is help. You'll be okay." I said quietly. She continued looking upward, but became still. After some time I sat down and returned to a book I was reading.

Suddenly, I had a sense that something was behind me. At first I saw nothing, but the room seemed steamy or hazy. My peripheral vision caught what seemed was a large pulsating spot. In the center of the spot was a multipoint star-like pattern that glowed a red-orange, but faded to a creamy yellow at the edges. I turned to look at it and the light changed to a bright white figure or form that slowly faded away.

I could still see the figure even with my eyes closed as its presence was so pervading. I thought it was an angel or invisible helper. My mother still looking toward the ceiling, moaned softly. Her breathing gradually became very slow and the color left her face. The room became very still. My mother had transitioned.

Don Elwert is a member of the Detroit Branch.

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