Clairvoyant Observation of Minerals

By Tony Bondar

Originally printed in the NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2007 issue of Quest magazine. 
Citation: Bondar,Tony. "Clairvoyant Observation of Minerals." Quest  95.6 (NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2007): 219-221.

Nataliya Bondar, my wife, was born in Ukraine, not far from the birthplace of H. P. Blavatsky. Her childhood was overshadowed by the Chernobyl accident that caused Ukraine and its neighbors to be subjected to radioactive contamination. At the age of nine, Nataliya, affectionately called Nat, developed clairvoyant vision. Fortunately, her mother encouraged this psychic ability and it served them well throughout Nat's adolescence. For instance, she was able to look at fruit and vegetables to see whether they were safe to eat or had a black "cloud" of radioactivity, chemical herbicides, or pesticides surrounding them.


When she was twenty, Nat moved to the UK, where we met and were married. We moved to Ireland in 2002 to set up a small business retailing crystals. It was shortly after opening this shop that Nat began a research project on the therapeutic and spiritual qualities of crystals and minerals, based upon her clairvoyant findings regarding their subtle energies. Both of us are familiar with Theosophical concepts and the literature, and much of what we have discerned about the mineral kingdom echoes the earlier research by the great pioneers. However, some of our conclusions have shown that many people have misunderstood certain concepts.


The art of using crystals for healing is an ancient practice, dating back many thousands of years, and today there are at least fifty books available on the subject. However, we noticed that none of them could answer two basic questions to our satisfaction:


If a crystal or mineral possesses healing qualities, why does it do so and exactly how do crystal or mineral energies interact with the health of the body and mind?


There were further confusing issues too, such as why some minerals have subtle energy channels extending in one direction only, when others operate in several different directions. Why are some minerals surrounded with a single cloud of colored energies, while others have several different geometrical energy patterns surrounding them? The more Nat investigated the normally invisible realm of subtle mineral realities, the more questions were posed. She decided to explore the subject as thoroughly as she could to answer these queries.


Her overall conclusion was that everything in life evolves inside a forward moving mechanism and that this includes the mineral kingdom. Life exists throughout the mineral world as a constant, evolving progression, although invisible to most people. The rocks and stones that we physically see as inert solid masses do indeed possess a form of life—though it is extremely primitive. It is easy to look at an animal and see an expression of life, but when we observe a plant, while acknowledging that it is alive, we feel that it is not as much alive as the animal. And when you look at a stone, you generally are unable to perceive it as a living being at all.


However, when viewed with inner vision; that is, with inner dimensions of reality (we prefer not to use terms such as etheric because people have their own ideas of what this means) a completely new world presents itself. Nat reached several basic conclusions. She realized that all minerals, large or small, possess several different energetic structures on different, if corresponding, levels of reality. The first one she has named the Monadic Sphere. Life in the mineral kingdom, she hypothesized, functions in seven stages of evolution. At the very beginning, a tiny monad begins its life in a certain mineral, spending a long time here, very slowly evolving by reacting to differing, subtle, environmental energies surrounding it. With every reaction, it slowly increases the size of its spherical structure, until a given moment when it leaves that mineral and enters a new one to begin the cycle all over again.


The monad has to pass through seven different evolutionary groups of minerals in its ascent before it can leave the mineral kingdom and enter the plant kingdom. Within each group of minerals it must actually pass through seven mineral types—some forty-nine mineral varieties in all. Each of the seven groups of minerals has fixed subtle, evolutionary functions. Nat named these groups the Attractors, the Reflectors, the Breakers, the Balancers, the Transformers, the Capacitors, and the Energisers, each one being relative to the evolutionary function that the mineral members of that group perform. When a mineral monad is present in one particular group, its primary evolutionary function is to react to different types of subtle energies relative to that group's overall quality. For example, amethyst is a mineral that belongs to the Transformer group and its major function is to convert certain types of subtle energies from one condition to another by the action of its mineral monad. In this case it reacts to zones of strong subtle energies or operates where those energies are incompatible to one another in the same location. A simple example of such action takes place in a modern home computer monitor, which, to anyone with finely tuned clairvoyance, is seen surrounded by a dark cloud of subtle energies. This cloud can be the cause of tension, headaches, and stress in the computer user, but by placing an amethyst crystal cluster alongside the active monitor, the cloud begins to react to the new energy zone. After some twenty minutes, the mineral monad absorbs the chaotic, subtle energies inside its various structures, forcing them through a unique energetic management system. The result of this process changes the energies into a higher level of reality, discharging them some distance away as a white, neutral stream of particles. Other minerals of the Transformers group will perform the same action but amethyst is especially proficient in this process.


The mineral monad acts upon surrounding environmental, subtle energies of different types in various ways and effectively absorbs them. But, it also treats them in disparate ways relative to the evolutionary group with which it is currently engaged. If we consider a single crystal, we find it is surrounded by innumerable, diverse types of environmental, subtle energies. The monad admits some varieties of these into the crystal's energetic structure, where they will undergo changes before being released to the outside world as mineral energy. Therefore, every mineral can be understood to express a specific type of subtle energy.


Many people have assumed that a crystal has a healing quality because of its chemical element foundation, its color, or even its name. Thus, some people have assumed moonstone has qualities similar to and associated esoterically with our moon, while calcite crystals must be "good for the bones." Nat perceived that the therapeutic qualities of minerals and crystals act on our subtle vehicles, which in turn bring changes to the physical body and the consciousness. She defined the actual cause of the qualities involved, but such realization necessitates deep examination of the subtle structures of both man and minerals.


All energies have a twofold nature; they can be perceived as having strong vibrations, also a frequency of vibrations, and the subtle energies adhere to this ruling. If 5,500 different minerals exist, then equally 5,500 different kinds of mineral energies also exist. Each mineral creates a specific energy and all these energies differ in strength and vibrational frequency. Encoded within them is a special agent called the Element of Harmony which acts to ensure that balance and equilibrium are maintained throughout all the processes encountered by the energy.


Now we should look at the physical body. We normally see it as a complex system of bones, muscles, tissues, organs, sensory systems, and subsystems. However, it can also be seen as an incredible mass of cells, quite wondrous in its organization. Yet, behind this physical vehicle is an equally complex energetic system with various channels, sub-channels, threads, and micro-threads within a vast variety of subtle energies. Every organ receives a major energy channel through the appropriate chakra, and inside this energy channel are the sub-channels, each carrying specific subtle energies to vitalize different areas of the organ. The energies also carry an information command, or program for the organ to act in a certain manner, and this ensures that the organ functions correctly. However, these information commands can become distorted or miscoded and this results in the organ (still doing what it is told to do) becoming dysfunctional. This results in a deterioration of our health and the manifestation of disease or illness.


The human energies that have become miscoded have a specific strength of vibration and it is this that actually defines which mineral is suitable for the situation. Where the human energy and the mineral energy have similar strengths, they can interact. Then, when the correct mineral is introduced, its subtle energy immediately begins to interact with those of the organ, but it is the action of the Element of Harmony, encoded in the mineral energy, that makes a difference. The Element of Harmony then begins to reprogram the distorted information command of the human energy and that is where change begins.


However, generally speaking, the effects are relatively insignificant until the power of a thought form becomes involved through any energetic exercise that the healer uses with the mineral. This is why most people using crystals to heal are actually achieving results only through the action of their thought forms and not the crystals themselves—because more often than not the crystal's actual vibrations are not compatible with the situation.


With emotional and spiritual issues the situation becomes even more interesting. Here the mineral energies have an effect because of the frequency of their vibrations. All emotional and spiritual conditions in people are a result of the changes of frequency in human subtle energies. Here we discover a seemingly unknown or little publicized energetic structure: the Psychic Energy Structure. Just as we possess a chakra system, with seven main chakras, so too do we possess a system of seven energetic centers, precisely in the same location as the chakras but at a different level. It is surrounded by a constant stream of psychic energy (some prefer to use the term Kundalini) which travels in between or around the centers, proceeding upwards, then returning downwards, making the appearance of a seven times helix system. As the psychic energy rises, it charges (increases the frequencies of) those energies within the centers. This process provides human beings with the power behind emotions and thoughts. Mineral energies have qualities which affect our emotional and spiritual conditions precisely because of their association with these psychic energy centers and their specific similarities to the frequencies of energies within them.


Nat and I carried out many experiments with the application of mineral energies under the control of thought form exercises. Perhaps this was the most memorable one: while out walking in August 2003, Nat sprained her ankle. It swelled up like a balloon and was extremely painful. However, since she did not want to take orthodox painkillers, I placed a large amethyst crystal cluster near her foot. Despite the pain, Nat focused on the subtle reality of the situation. A black cloud of chaotic subtle energies the size of a football surrounded her foot. She then looked at me and observed a yellow channel coming from my forehead to the amethyst. She then saw other channels forming between the cloud and the amethyst. I concentrated on the specific thought form exercise suitable for this case, to command the amethyst to absorb the pain. After ten minutes or so, her foot was still swollen but the black cloud had become the size of a tennis ball and the pain was at least 75% less.


Finally, it is interesting to note that some crystals and stones that have been polished by industrial processes (to make them more aesthetically pleasing and thus more commercially saleable) seem to become energetically damaged or restricted. When minerals and gemstones are treated with chemicals or heat, it frequently affects their ability to express their natural energies. Such processes definitely restrict either entrance or exit channels of the mineral's subtle structures.

Tony Bondar became interested in minerals while living in Brazil during the 1970s. He has held a lifelong interest in them ever since. He studied Aromatherapy, Yoga, and Eastern Exoteric Philosophy for many years. His primary interest is the inner reality of humanity.


Nataliya Bondar, a clairvoyant, was born in Ukraine. She speaks four languages. All the research work was writen in Russian and then translated into English. Nat and Tony run a retail crystal shop in Cork, Ireland, and have been conducting research into crystal healing for many years. The Element of Harmony, a book documenting their research on minerals is now available. This article is reprinted forn the Spring 2006 issue of Circles, the publication of the Theosophical Society in Scotland.

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