Membership in the Theosophical Society is open to those who are in sympathy with its Three Objects.

Membership benefits include:

  • Participation in an international organization with members in some 70 countries of the world and local groups in about 90 locations in the United States
  • Subscription to Quest, a quarterly magazine of philosophy, science, religion, and the arts; and the Messenger, a newsletter
  • Use of the Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library, which lends from more than 20,000 books, DVD's and audio CD's, in person or online, and by mail across the USA
  • A series of introductory letters covering basic Theosophical concepts
  • Discounts on lectures, workshops, retreats, seminars and other programs at the National Center, many of which are available online
  • Participation in the study courses of The National Lodge with first year members receiving one year's free membership in the National Lodge (email only)
  • Discounts at the Theosophical Publishing House
  • Discounts at Quest Bookshops (California, Illinois, New York)
  • Opportunities to join interactive online study groups
  • Participation in conventions and workshops


Basic National Dues are $60.00 per year, but reduced rates are available for families, students 25 and under, seniors 75 and older, and for multiple-year memberships.

For address changes:

If you have changed your address or any other contact information,
please notify us at or call  1-800-669-1571, extension 322.

For more information on membership, click on the link below:



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*** Please note: we are a part of the International Theosophical Society. If you reside outside of the United States, or you live in Puerto Rico, please check the international directory for a section near you.   If there is no section in your country, you can join directly with Adyar (our international headquarters) or with us!  Thank you for your interest! 

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