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India Palace Restaurant
242 E. Geneva Rd., Wheaton, IL
phone: 630-681-8002/8005 

Vegetable samosa, Aloo Matter, Chana Masala, Rice, Naan, Mango Lassi
Prices: $1 Samosa, $2 Mango Lassi, $5 Samosa & Chana Masala & Naan,
$5 Aloo Matter & Rice & Naan, $8 combo plate everything

Kimmer's Ice Cream
109 E. Front St. 
Wheaton, IL 60187
We will be serving scoops of Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cookies 'n Cream
Single Scoops: $4
Double Scoops: $7
Bottles of Water: $1.50
All ice cream is homemade right here in Wheaton!



Around the World Café
Around the world cafe offers Reishi Ganoderma Lucidum organic beverages suitable to every pallet. Every cup of coffees or tea is infused with this #1 healing strand of mushroom that organically lessen the acidity produced in most non organic beverages. Drinking organic reishi infused products is a joy and the benefits are unmatched. Need your pick me up in the morning, how about a reduction in caffeine and increased boost to your body’s natural PH Levels. No jitters or crashes, more clarity and more relaxed sleep at night. Other benefits are noticeable over time. Beverages flavors available this year; Mocha nutty, Banana, Coconut or simply have a smooth delicious cup of Noir (Black Coffee). If you prefer a cup of tea try our famous Reishi strawberry green. Products by Organo Gold from




PIZZA: Classic Margherita, Quattro Formaggi, Very Veggie, Simply Spinach,
Artichoke & Grilled Bell Pepper, Build your own pizza options,
gluten free & Vegan options.

Olcott Library




  Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library
Free magazines, audio cassettes, and video cassettes from the library. Plant Sales from plants growing in the library. Cards/Photographs taken on the grounds at Olcott. Used Book Sale in the library!

Learn about our Mending and Book Preservation Services
Visit the library's collection of Sacred books from worldwide traditions, its Archives, DVDs, CDs, and the online theosophical encyclopedia, 



Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom

Spin the Spiritual Wisdom Wheel to gain insights to your questions. Listen to a CD of thousands singing HU, a transforming sound, and love song to God. Pick up free Spiritual Wisdom booklets on inner guidance, dreams, relationships, conquering fear, and much more. Find information on ECK Light and Sound Services, round table discussions, children's classes, and upcomng seminars. Enter a free book raffle to win a book by Harold Klemp.
More information at or 630-427-5950.

Be Well
Karen M. Carlson, LMT

Therapeutic Relaxation Expert at Be Well And Renew

My table will be focused on my children's book "Grandma's Magic Pillows" and accompanying magic pillow.
I will also have some of my inspiration decks called "Blended To Inspire" - a 48 card deck inspired by the blending of our body, mind, and spirit.


Jynx Schoaf

Handmade jewelry with antique and mystical styles
using semi-precious stones, artwork boxes with fairies designs.

 Julie Jancius      

Angel Messages, Energy Healing & Thought Repatterning
with Julie Jancius

Learn how to remove accumulated pain and stress from your body, and how to live from a high vibrational state of Joy, Peace and Bliss. Julie Jancius, certified Reiki and Chios Master Teacher, uses her spiritual gift of connecting with your Spiritual Team to help you heal yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. She uses a 4-step process including Angel Messages (talking with your Spiritual Team); teaching you to live from high vibrational energy; energy healing; and thought repatterning. These tools can transform your life, improve your relationships and lead to a NEW YOU inside and out.

Pre-book your TheosoFest session with Julie at or text 630.336.9515 to pre-book your session.

 Maher Baba     Avatar Meher Baba Center of Chicago
A place of gathering to share Meher Baba's Universal Message of Love & Truth.

Address: 4415 W, Harrison St., Suite 307
Hillside, IL 60162
Contact: Fereshteh Azad (630) 207-9461 or Jim Knutson (630) 272-0097

Books, Pamphlets, Photos, CDs, and DVDs by and about Meher Baba & His Followers. Henna Painting, Some handmade craft items.

 Whispers of Love      Linda Roberts 

Intuitive wisdom, energy healing, and clarity for you and your animal friends, are available. Linda Roberts offers clear, insightful messages with animal communication readings and shamanic healing. Intuitive guidance is offered to bring you clarity towards your life's path and purpose. Experience the peaceful, loving, yet powerful shifts, your soul desires.

Linda Roberts

 Spirit Sketcher     Spirit Sketches by Jen Downing

Spirit Sketches are clairvoyant & visionary drawings paired with channeled messages of the spirit energy watching over you. Examples include past lives, passed loved ones, Angels, star beings, and soul lineage. Jen will provide Mini-Spirit Sketch sessions, 25 minutes for $65, which includes a custom chalk pastel sketch and one main message of channeled guidance. Please visit or Spirit Sketches on Facebook ( for examples. 

 Philip Clark      
Philip Clark
Let Your Numbers Be Your Guide
Numerology Readings
Birth Angel Readings.

 Lisa Matras     Yoga inspired by lisa.
Lisa Matras

Yoga Inspired handmade jewelry, uses natural stones, and copper. Each piece is infused with positive intention to create a beautiful one of a kind piece of wearable art. Yoga Inspired will be offering a unique variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. 


Animal Reiki with Amber
helps provide a restorative balance for your pet companion through energetic healing. This connection opens the space for your pet to heal on a physical, social, and emotional level. Amber will be sharing Animal Reiki information, gift certificates, and individual mini sessions for pet companions.


      Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development
Experience the Light and open the door to a bright future. Volunteer practitioners will give free sessions of Light, a positive spiritual energy radiated from the hand. Let the power of the Light dispel the cloudiness of your spirit, mind, and body.
Center location: 395 S. Sutton Rd. (Rt. 59), Streamwood, IL. Open daily for Light giving. Contact us at (630) 213-7363 or

The Theosophical Society
Information about The Theosophical Society,
brochures, classes, special events, programs.

Denise with Massage n Motion
will be offering massage therapy services including chair massages, neck and shoulder massages, and cupping demos. Stop by the Massage n Motion booth to say hi and to relieve some of your muscle tension. Benefits of massage include: Reduce muscle tension, Increase range of motion, Eliminate stress, and Improve posture. Benefits of cupping include: Remove toxins, improves circulation, and reduces inflammation.
For more information about our services




Three Treasures Acupuncture and Get Out of Your Head

intuit acupuncture
I will be doing short 3-5 min. energy readings .
Also will provide information on acupuncture.
I have been practicing acupuncture for 15yrs. 

Barbara Keenan Loster, L.Ac.

 Laura Michelle.    
 Laura Michelle
Have you ever had your “gut” feelings assessed? The Seduce Your Senses Intuition Assessment™ will reveal your natural abilities and discover where there are opportunities to grow and develop. This is the first step to change every facet of your life! As a Thank You for attending, you will receive a discount (coupon code) for the on-line Fundamentals Program™.


 Tarot Readings, Akashic Drawings, & Crystal Jewelry

With Jasmine Gabriel 

Come chill with me and spend 7 Minutes in Heaven! I will be offering mini Tarot readings and channeled drawings from your guides in your Akashic Records.

There are also Quartz crystal pendants handmade by me that are just begging to be your next best friend. Guess what else I have? The cheapest price.

7 Minutes in Heaven with me and your personalized reading is only $10. Wanna book early? Text Me @ 872-222-7477 Your guides are waiting.

 Joe Vittorio    
Joe Vittorio- Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Healer, Intuitive Reader.

I work with the Archangels to bring energy healing and intuitive messages for whatever is needed at that time. I heal your most significant block first, then balance & align your chakras. After that I connect you with your spirit guides & angels. During your session you will feel warmth coming off my hands, arms & body. You may also begin to meditate, see colors, visuals, receive messages from your guides or possibly fall asleep. During the session I am channeling the energy of the universe, and acting as a medium between the highest power and yourself.


Astrological Details

Astrological Readings:
• Natal/Birth Chart Readings (Based on the date, exact time and geographical location of a person's birth)
• Progressions to the Natal Chart
• Transits to the Natal Chart
• Relationship Analysis
• Natal Charts for Babies & Children
• Electional Charts (Selecting the appropriate time to begin a trip, a business, a marriage, etc.)

Akashic Record Readings:
• A reading of the record of a person’s soul that can assist in supporting the life now, help to heal the past, and help the person into their future. This is a very spiritual experience.
Astrological Education:
• Various courses in astrology from beginning through specific advanced topics.

Lin Ewing


September 20-23 Chicago. Il 60646

Global Pyramid Conference

Selling Pyramid books, pyramid jewelry and hats, pyramid tours and promotion.



Humanitarian Service Project

Founded in 1979 at the Theosophical Society, our mission is to alleviate the pain and suffering that poverty brings to needy seniors and children living in DuPage and Kane Counties, Illinois, without discrimination or exclusion for any reason.”

information and brochures


The Book of Signs Foundation,
founded in 2003, mission is to establish in America an understanding of the Religion of Islam through Islam's most holiest book, The Quran. Translated in the English language for any American who is open minded enough to read it, we hope that people will gain an understanding of Islam and the various cultures and backgrounds that it is composed of by reading the Quran.

      The Gathering Lighthouse
Educational Center, Lombard IL.

Our Center offer classes for the beginners to the experts. We have classes on mediumship, meditations, reiki, self-empowerment, tarot, astrology and more.

We will be featuring a variety of talented readers and healers through out the day:

Akashic Records
Tarot Readings
Psychic Medium Readings
Reiki Healings


Imagine what Joanne Macko felt when an incredible being of light revealed to her that she would be painting etheric, high-vibrational healing art that would reach millions and many world leaders.

She was shown that she would be teaching in front of many nations and would speak at the United Nations and fast-forward, it has all transpired as it was shown to her 24 years ago. She continues to inspire countless collectors globally with her incredible visionary art and inspire many with her inspirational presentations. She recently finished a piece for a 20,000 square foot palace in Dubai.

Joanne has served as International Director of Angels for World Peace as a World Citizen Diplomat and continues to work on clients daily clearing their old beliefs and helping them awaken to their true mastery for the magnificent changing times. Joanne also produces the annual Lightworkers Conference for the last 14 years.


Learn to Meditate with the help of yogic transmission. FREE meditation sessions every hour.

Heartfulness is a simple and natural path of heart-centered wellness that fosters balance, peace and wellbeing. This approach to wellness centers on using the heart to guide our journey to personal development and inner enrichment. By focusing our attention on the heart, we gradually learn to regulate the mind while exploring the secrets of the heart.. With continued practice, Heartfulness can enable us to reach profound depths of meditation and achieve inner transformation.

Join us at the Heartfulness Booth to experience Heartfulness meditation. We will offer FREE meditation sessions every hour.

And visit our Meditation Center in Lombard to fully experience Heartfulness Meditation.
Chicago Heartfulness Meditation Center
350 W. 22nd Street
Lombard, IL 60148


Marreen Buntaine
Our Booth will include nature Crafts that will be enhanced into decorative, and sometimes useful items. 

Hand made jewelry, and Photographs that are Framed, Canvassed, and Bedazzled will also be included.
Hope to See You There!


Sprayroma Therapy
is practical use products with all of the benefits of 100% pure essential oils. Products include Reiki-infused healing salves, sprays, and lip balms. We will also have Reiki-infused candles and herbal sachets. Additionally, we provide Reiki sessions, Aura Scrapings, and Intuitive Card Readings.


      John of God Crystal Light Bed therapy
is a device that uses alternating, color-lighted, pure quartz crystals directed at your seven Chakras (energy centers). As you lay face up with your eyes closed listening to soft, soothing music, the crystals are working to balance and align your Chakras while the Casa beings of light, who incorporate through John of God at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil, work very deeply on you spiritually and emotionally. When the Chakras are balanced and aligned, spiritual, emotional and physical healing occurs. If you are feeling a little off, have an illness, emotional turmoil or are searching for spiritual wellness, why not consider a session on a John of God Crystal Light Bed. John of God Crystal Bed session - 15 mins - $35



Through animal rescue, education and advocacy, Free from Harm seeks to transform society's attitudes about violence and oppression.
We are dedicated to ending animal exploitation and healing our planet through education and grassroots activism.

      Whole Life Whole Yoga
provides yoga instruction for people with physical or intellectual disabilities, and donates new and high quality equipment such as yoga mats and props. The mission of Whole Life Whole Yoga is to make yoga accessible to people who enjoy practice of yoga and who benefit from regular practice regardless of their ability. The organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and the mission is made possible by work of volunteers and with fund from public donations. We will be selling yoga inspired clothing and greeting cards. Please support our mission by purchasing our products.




Veronica Ruiz
Divine Creations/Sacred Divine Goddess-Gypsy wares to adorn your Body Temple and Inner Priestess.

Mystical Journeys at Sacred Portals to Awaken the Goddess within.


The Flowering Heart Center
Wheaton IL

We are an Awakening Spiritual Community that welcomes all who walk through our doors and supports a community of people living in Oneness. We provide a safe, open and non-judgmental space for personal transformation.

We will be featuring
-Oneness Blessing for fulfillment of health, wealth, relationship or spiritual growth
-Oneness Peace Blessing for dissolution of inner conflict, harmony within family, peace within your community and workplace.
-Jewelry from Made as Intended - Sacred malas, blessing bracelets,..
-A variety of items from India


Mark A. Hernandez

Holistic Practitioner
People and Pets Energetics

Energy healings for people and animals

Phone: 210-775-2696

Website (English):
Website (Spanish):


Viride Wellness Spa
640 E St Charles Rd Carol Stream, IL

Massage, Alternative Therapies & Spa Treatments
Begin your holistic journey and find your "Wellness."
Stop on by for a free demonstration of one of our specialty massage services; Ashiatsu. Ashiatsu is a unique style of deep pressure massage that uses the feet rather than the hands to deliver the massage. We will also be selling our in spa organic luxury body care line; "ZENTS."

To view our expansive menu of services visit


Vladimir Kazinets
House of Ayurveda

We offer large variety of Shungite goods for healing and protection, as well as Shungite stones for water purification. Shungite works on both physical and metaphysical levels. The study of the effect of Shungite on electromagnetic fields showed that it can be used as a protection against harmful EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) of cell phones, television sets, computers, and Earth geo-pathogenic zones. Shungite aids the body in its healing and helps to restore emotional balance. It is a great protector and a guardian, it purifies one’s body, aura, and personal space of any hazardous energies. Shungite is an excellent stone for magical and mystical work, it infuses aura with light, allowing only positive and beneficial energies to come through, and blocks negative energies of any origin, including negative energies of other people. Shungite sticker plate perfect protection against electro-magnetic radiation of cell phones, smartphones, ipods. Shungite water purification sets. Shungite is excellent sorbent, purifying water from many organic and inorganic compounds; it enriches water with fullerenes, powerful antioxidants, empowering it with its healing properties. One of the best ways to protect and heal yourself is to wear Shungite jewelries (bracelets, pendants, rings, necklaces). Shungite pyramid carries energy and gives strength. Shungite pyramid has the ability to heal and protects from harmful substance in the atmosphere. We also offer healing Pharaoh cylinders.

Information on the reemergence of the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom, His teachings for humanity and priorities for the world. + Information about Transmission Meditation - a group meditation involving the down stepping and transmission of spiritual energies done in cooperation with the Masters of Wisdom as a potent way to serve the world.
Bharatbhushan Kalra

Displaying and Offering short healing sessions using pyramids.



Think Wholistic!
Linda Memmesheimer, Founder
630-848-1232 630-835-4748
author "Grow Your Dreams"

"The only thing standing between you and your dreams are the stories you tell yourself about why you can't have them." Tony Robbins



I will be selling hand made soy wax candles, hand made goat's milk and olive oil soap, and inspirational flower paintings.

      RA Moonhawk Wands
offers huge selection of one of a kind magick healing wands hand crafted from all manner of crystals, sticks, stones, bones, antler, shells, coral, fossils, found objects, love, intention, & good juju. RA Moonhawk began creating his wands long ago in the great redwood forests of northern California. They are based on a vision he had while in deep meditation, and he has perfected this art form for over 35 years. Today he and his apprentice, Sonya Begonia, handcraft these pieces in their studio. Wands are amazing tools for entering deeper levels of meditation, doing energy healing/ Reiki, space clearing, dream work, journeying, etc. Come on out and see which one of these amazing spiritual tools resonates with your energy! View some of our work here: and


Namaste Salon and Spa

Hair braiding with fresh flowers
hair braiding products
Aveda products


PrimeMyBody is on a mission to bring plant based wellness around the USA, soon to be around the world! Several of the top products will be available. 

Ultimate Detox System
 Living in these times we are subjected to a myriad of toxins just navigating through an average day. Check out the simple 2 step detoxification system which supports elimination of toxins while minimizing their redistribution and reabsorption. Formulated by world renowned detox expert Dr. Christopher Shade. 

Prime Protein Superfood
PRIME Protein Superfood is made with the most wholesome ingredients our planet has to offer and that means using nothing artificial. No whey? Way! Also dairy free, gluten free, soy free, GMO free and low glycemic. 

Take charge of your wellness & live to your fullest potential ! 630-464-4LIF


Ramila Khatau
Reflexology and Acupressure Therapist
(630) 730 5602 

Ramila and Jay Khatau bring Ayurvedic Reflexology and Indian Head Massage to TheosoFest. Please come and experience Bliss of this Ayurvedic Therapy and Holistic science of 4000 years old.Come experience the Tools of relaxation.
More Info call Ramila 630 730 5602 Jay 630 258 0196




The Summit Lighthouse,
a non-profit organization, is the official source for Teachings of the Ascended Masters from Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and their students. We are dedicated to making these teachings available to all those looking for answers to life’s difficult questions. The Summit Lighthouse offers workshops, seminars, conferences, online courses, book study groups and events at local teaching centers, as well as opportunities to share with like-minded friends at various levels of affiliation. Books, CDs and Dvds will be available at our booth.


Love of Learning LLC

Items to be offered at the booth:
Children’s books by Scholastic
Original alphabet illustrated poster
Original posters to teach phonics and reading
DVD’s to demonstrate charts
Original hands-on cards to spell phonics cards
Hand-on story activities

395 Jefferson Ave
Glencoe, IL 60022
Email jing 13
Phone 305-613-3078

KarmaCords® - Jewelry to Inspire by Sanjay Shah 

Our mission is to uplift people and inspire them to take positive action. To do this, we create a unique styles of meaningful bracelets and necklaces for men and women, reminding us to live life with peace, love ourselves unconditionally, be balanced and grounded, feel unity with all, and break through internal limitations. Many of our bracelets and necklaces are made with nylon cord, stainless steel and gemstones which provide exceptional durability. Most of are designs can also be used with essential oils for aromatherapy. It has been incredible to see how thousands of people have deeply connected with the bracelets and necklaces at our events since 2014. TheosoFEST is one of our most favorite and magical events!

      Soul Flow Healing Thai Massage, Tranquilithai & Thai Blossom will be sharing and caring for you! We will have an array of Thai Clothing and merchandise available too!! 

The practice of Thai massage is unique as it rarely uses oils or lotions and the recipient remains clothed while lying on a soft supportive mat on the floor. The body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked in order to clear energy blockages and relieve tension. We use our thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to create a dance of movement on the body of the recipient. In this process, joints are opened, muscles and tendons are stretched, internal organs are toned, and energy is balanced. The overall effect is one of deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and physical and mental well being.


Julie Kasluga 

The services I will be offering are canine massage.

Canine Massage Therapist - Melt Canine Massage
779-456-MELT (6358)


Jean Heer Reiki Master Teacher

Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating Reiki session performed by a Reiki Practitioner using spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki uses spiritual healing energy to reduce stress/anxiety and clears toxins; relaxes muscles and tension; promotes healing and calmness; and balances your energy.
Stop by for a stress reducing 15 minute session with Jean Heer RN Reiki Master Teacher.
Sacred Guidance Thru Reiki 

FB: Sacred guidance thru reiki @sacredguidance4u
Instagram: sacredguidance4u
Young Living ID: 3295179


Kassandra's Psychic Readings & Tarot Art

I've been reading the cards and seeing into peoples lives for 25 years. 



Light Heart Center

0 S 165 Church St.
Winfield IL 60190

Reiki massage, energy work, information,
raffle and prizes

Phone (630)260-1084
Established in 1987 by Ryan Elliott & Renee Ryan
Dedicated to Your Well Being




Heart of the Sky Fair Trade 

Heart of the Sky Fair Trade--Specializing in fair trade baskets from Ghana and fair trade textiles and jewelry from Guatemala.


Universal Awareness Fellowship

Reverends Kristina Bloom & Keridak Silk will be sharing spirit messages all day. Both have a lifetime of experience and skills. They use Tarot and other methods of channeling spirit to answer your deepest questions. Main office is in Menomonee Falls WI and virtually. Find links to both readers/reverends is

is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering those battling cancer.
We fundraise by making beautiful, hand-poured candles that have notes of inspiration hidden inside of them that are discovered as the candle burns.


Karli Brown 

Karli is a mixed-media artist who has been drawing women's faces for as long as she can remember, and women are her focus. Her art portrays the Awakening Woman, as Karli is attracted to the female face of the Divine in Her many aspects. She works intuitively, becoming the vehicle for each of her women to become manifest."


Ten Directions Zen Community

Ten Directions Zen Community ( is a member of the Kwan Um School of Zen ( and has practice locations in Chicago and the Western Suburbs and a Retreat Center in McHenry, IL. We afford many opportunities for people to learn and practice meditation in an open and supportive atmosphere.
We offer a regular meditation practice as well as periodic weekend retreats for extended practice with our teachers. Our Zen tradition teaches keeping a clear mind and taking appropriate action in each moment and does not dwell on questions of metaphysics. Zen meditation helps us to see the present moment clearly in order to help others.
Everyone is welcome. Whether you’re new to meditation and Zen Buddhism or have previous experience, all are welcome. Come join us at:

Theosophical Society (Meditation Room)
for Meditation and Dharma talk
Tuesdays 7-8:15 PM



Carol Rushton

Join Carol Rushton, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Sa Sekhem Sahu Reiki Master/Teacher, and Certified Hypnotist, at TheosoFest! Carol will be offering Angel Card Readings, & selling handmade crystal jewelry & pendulums as well as meeting new people ready for Reiki healing & Classes! See you there!


Pre Loved Goddess Jewelry
Somethings old, somethings new, some are in between.  Stop by and shop. Everything is on sale. 

Psychic and Tarot Readings
Lynda Spino.

One of the first Quest Book Store in-house readers, Lynda is psuychic empathic and does healing work. Also the creator of LYnda's Magical Sprays that are sold in the bookstore. Available for readings on Thursdays and Saturdays in the Quest Book Shop. Phone Quest Book Shop for appointments. For healing work call 708-749-2806.

Vince Pitisci
Tarot reader, teacher, and author. One of the first Quest Book Store readers, Vince has been professionally active since 1993. His books are available in the Quest Book Shop. For phone readings andparties call 708-214-3728.


Teresa Nighelli

Our goal is to provide a relaxing welcoming space that can make you feel amazing inside and out! The pieces we create tell a story about how we were raised and the skills we were taught as family traditions. 90% of the items in our shop are handmade by our family, select artisans, or Mother Nature herself. The things we make are designed to make beautiful memories as gifts and personal keepsakes. Our shop is owned and operated by a local mother daughter team. We strive to bring things to the area that are high quality and unique including jewelry, crochet, quilts, florals, hand painted ceramics, bows, cards, ornaments, unfinished stones, crystals, smudging supplies, herbal teas, essential oils and more. We make partner pieces with other artisans from around the world in stone, porcelain, glass, metal, and wood. We specialize in customizing pieces for our customers! In addition to the items in our shop, we offer classes, private lessons, and parties for all ages in our classroom to pass on these crafting and healing skills. We also offer jewelry repair and cleaning. Finally we provide Reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology and other alternative healing experiences to aid your body and soul in our relaxing treatment room.


Amy Hassan

Amy and Jamilah Hassan’s Art Creations has a variety of authentic, unique, hand-made mandala and sacred geometry inspired art creations. There will be many pyrography engraved art creations, such as jewelry, tissue box covers and wall hangings. Amy Hassan will also have many framed mandala paintings and sun catchers on display and available for purchase.



Lotus Grooves by Tony Talwar

Tony Talwar is a Sikh American artist best known for his Art, Music and Multimedia works. Since he was a child, he has been passionate about his art work. His art pieces involve spiritual, natural and ethnical elements from eastern and western parts of the world.


Gina Pape

10 ml roll-on pain relief at your fingertips.
Made from natural non-gmo and organic ingredients.


Zauber Group.

Zauber offers handcrafted woodwork and esoterica. Wooden boxes, plaques, and pendants; astrological blessing kits; art prints and prayer cards; and more. We happily take custom orders.


Art . Healing . Ceremony
Painter & Shamanic Healing

Spirit Animal Paintings
These paintings are accompanied by a description of the animal's gifts and strengths. Originals available as well as signed limited edition prints.

Do you have a visual reminder of your spirit animals so that they may actively guide you along your way?

Are you aware of who your spirit animal guides are? Offering shamanic mini sessions for cleansing/clearing and animal guide journey. $30

Offering small group meditative art painting sessions. $20

Feather Earrings, hand assembled and blessed, available for purchase.

Shamanic artifacts For Sale.
Feather Earrings For Sale hand assembled and blessed.

Christine Pateros




@Tarot By Jan

Jan has over 20 years of experience in Intuitive Tarot Reading. She's also a retired Special Educator, Community Leader, and Animal-Assisted Practitioner, and holds an MS in Metaphysical Science and a PhD in Metaphysical Counseling. Professional testimonials have shown Jan to be accurate, insightful, thought-provoking and fun! Whether you book the 5 Min. "Special," or stick around for a detailed reading, you'll be happy to make friends where you see the bright red Practical Tarot umbrella! Avoid the wait and reserve ahead! Email to schedule your time!


Grounded Wellness Center.

We will be sharing information about cleansing the body and how it fits into the holistic model of well being. We will be offering special rates on yoga classes and our facial treatments and more. Rick & Bridget will be sharing the grounded wellness mission to promote wellness.




Digby Bertram, Avalon Trading
crystals, jewelry, sage, palo santo, handmade stained glass,
John of God blessed items, sacred geometry items.


The Academy of European Arts and Culture
is a nonprofit philosophical organization founded on the fundamental belief that we each have a soul and that our body also referred to as "the machine" can be developed to serve the presence of the soul. 

Come talk to us! 

Brochures about the Academy
Flyers for upcoming events.
Books and CDs for sale.



Joan Zietlow AFMC, RN, BSN
will be offering to schedule a health breakthrough for you to identify the root cause of your health issues so you don’t have to deal with them going forward. Even if you have had an issues for many years you can feel much better!! I will have the Relax portable FAR infrared sauna for you to try which is primarily used for weight loss, detoxification and better sleep. Try it out for 5 minutes to feel the amazing healing warmth of FAR infrared light. The FAR infrared lights stimulate your lymph system to release toxins so they can be removed from the body through you various detoxification systems using the skin, breath, urine and poop. It’s an incredibly relaxing way to promote your health while losing weight. I will also have Pure Haven 100% organic and toxin free product line for you to try some of the products. One of the best ways to go toxin free is to learn about products that have minimal toxins from the beginning. 

Stacey Cripps    

Stacey Lynn Cripps, Spiritual Medium & Mentor

Stacey will be offering to schedule evidential, heartfelt Spiritual Readings to connect with your departed in Spirit in Heaven to experience LOVE & HEALING. These healing messages from blessed loved ones in Heaven instill peace, love, and joy in your heart to stay. She will personally invite you to her upcoming Love Force Breakthroughs Event with New York Times No 1 Best-Selling author of Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield happening on September 21st in Naperville, IL where she will be giving Heavenly Spiritual Readings to her audience.


is a Canadian based company producing specialized patented socks and insoles referred to as HPT. HPT stands for Human Performance Technology and is based on 45 years of research in Neuromuscular Science. The pattern in the sock and insole activates dermatone and reflexology points in the bottom of the feet that instantly potentiates the performance of the midbrain in a safe an effective way.

Voxx HPT are proprietary patterns of neuro-receptor activation points that instantly improves the user’s strength, energy, stability, balance and range of motion. VOXX HPT is a very specific sequence and pattern of neuro-receptor activation on the bottom of the feet that triggers a signal that aides in the brainstem reaching homeostasis, assisting the nervous system to operate at optimum level. The results are INSTANT, and provide DRUG FREE WELLNESS and PERFORMANCE. Voxx has been tested and recommended by leaders in: Medicine, Natural Health, Wellness, Rehabilitation, and Sports Performance.

PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY are benefits you can feel and measure!

Stop by our booth, we look forward to meeting you!


BEMER (Bio-Electric-Magnetic-Energy-Regulator) is a medical device from Germany that JUMP STARTS the entire circulation system from the largest to the smallest vessels. The BEMER’s signal, which holds 5 International patents, activates better blood flow with a longer residual effect, which enhances cardiac function and the body’s ability to utilize nutrients, oxygen and proper waste removal. Better circulation enhances physical fitness, endurance, strength, energy, concentration, mental acuity and reduces stress. BEMER has a patented sleep program for sleep management and light therapy for skin issues, including scar tissue and anti-aging.

Only good, functional circulation ensures proper supply of nutrients and oxygen as well as proper waste removal within the body. This is fundamental for all metabolic processes for all living beings. On this basis, it is clear what a critical role the circulatory system plays in overall health and well-being.
HORSES have specialized BEMER products to promote the proper supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and disposal of waste products. The “blanket” was engineered due to the collaboration of BEMER’s partnership with NASA.

Many physical discomforts are directly related to a diminished circulatory system which can result in dysfunctional metabolic processes.
Stop by our booth, we look forward to meeting you!!!

    Rebecca Rockwood
is a certified spiritual counselor who specializes in helping spiritual people with spiritual depression, anxiety, lost life direction, life transitions and spiritual disconnection. Having a guide who is well-versed in the turbulence of spiritual evolution creates a unique therapeutic experience you can feel soulfully good about. Rebecca's unique "up and forward" approach starts where you are now instead of dredging up the past. Let's get you unstuck so you have a motive, a direction and are taking inspired action toward the freedom and stability only a connection with Spirit can provide!


Jewelry by Natalie Ann

Each person gets a glimpse into eternity via beauty, music or community. Natalie's glimpse is through beauty. Twelve years ago she discovered her passion for making jewelry out of stones God uniquely created. Each stone is a work of art and her pieces are one of a kind!

She will be selling custom made earrings, bracelets and necklaces with semi-precious stones and crystals.
God has given properties to each stone. Wear them for their meanings and be beautiful too!
Stop by as there will also be lots of sales too! Jewelry for every occasion!
You can also find me on Facebook: Jewelry by Natalie Ann and


Regina E. McCarthy, LCSW,

Holistic Psychotherapist is the author of the international award-winning book Courageous Gilbert the Groundhog.

Gilbert is a groundhog and the main character in this innovative book. He struggles with feeling and expressing his emotions, which causes him to feel incomplete in his heart and anxious in his body. Through a wise, old oak tree, Gilbert learns how to breathe deeply, but that isn’t enough. He also has to learn real tools for releasing anger, fear, and sadness so these emotions do not get stuck in the body. He realizes this is the only way to feel complete, authentic, and peaceful.
Courageous Gilbert the Groundhog is an essential tool for parents, educators, child and family therapists, and other caregivers of children. It is to be read time and again, and the techniques are to be put into practice. The breathing technique will help calm the nervous system, oxygenate the brain, and create a safe feeling in the body. Once the body feels safe, the whole brain can fully engage to respond in a healthy manner to situations instead of impulsively react. Only then can he stand up to the class bully, confidently present in front of the class, and make a new friend. It is a healing resource for children of all ages. 


Dana Lundin LAc CST CYT

Ancient Energetics
Integrative Energy Medicine

Dana Lundin has been in private practice for over 35 years as an acupuncturist, bodyworker, yoga therapist and shamanic healer. She believes health is our birthright and is within our capacity to recover and maintain through perceptual and lifestyle shifts. Radiant vitality and joy in participating the the adventure of life is the result of resolving impediments that obstruct the expression of health and clarity of life purpose.

Dana will be offering sessions of 25 min ($50.00) or 55 min($100.00) in duration. After intuitively scanning the biofield and physical body, she will address the blockages and deficiencies revealed by employing appropriate modalities to improve the free flow of energy through meridians and chakras to create greater coherence, vitality and clarity of purpose.

Prebook a session by email at or texting 312-523-8806. Deadline to prebook is Friday Sept 7 8:00 pm. Thereafter, sessions may be booked onsite.

We are looking forward to see all of you and show you our wonderful products.
We will have Hand made wood carved Mandalas, Glass painted Dreamcatchers
and Our own Rejuvenate essential oil spray.


essential oils are well-known for their pure quality and ability to support your body‘s health and maintain your well-being, but these precious gifts of the Earth can do so much more! 

These same essential oils can be used to clear, rebalance and energize the energy centers of your body, too! 

Stop by our booth where you can make a roller bottle blend and learn how to anchor, align, and enhance your chakras with essential oils! Blessed be!

Kasia Szumal

Conscious Community Magazine


Bahá’ís of DuPage
“The Bahá’í Faith is the newest of the world’s Faith traditions. Bahá’ís believe in the Oneness of God, the unity of all religions, and the oneness of all mankind. Bahá’ís also believe in eliminating prejudice, gender equality, service, and universal education.”

We will be sharing free literature and friendly discussion.
    PURIUM Health Products
Pure + Premium = Purium
Pure, Organic, Non-GMO, Whole Food, Superfoods….
• CBD+ 1500 (Super high potency CBD in org. hemp seed oil)
• CLEANSE (Toxins, Heavy Metals, Parasites, Glyphosate/GMO’s)
• REJUVENATE (Energy, Sleep, Mental Focus, Calming)
• PERFORMANCE (Vegan Protein, Repair Muscles, Pre & Post Workout)
• FAMILY NUTRITION (Daily Core Nutrition, Kids Plans, Daily Detoxing)
• WEIGHT LOSS (Lose 5 -20 lbs, re-set Metabolism & Burn Fat)
When you come to my booth say “Health Me Rhonda!” and get a:
FREE $50 GIFT CARD - get $50 OFF you 1st Order!
Products / Sprays / Packs / 10 Day & 40 Day Transformations available. &


Align Life with Soul Purpose
Intuitive Readings with Energy Balancing
by Marsha Peterson
Intuitive Strategist/ Reiki Master-Teacher
Adrenal Fatigue Specialist
Guiding YOU make a difference in the world! 

Comments, questions, or observation?
We’d love to hear from you!
Email us:

Regular Rates:
15 minutes session: $50.00
30 minutes session: $90.00
45 minutes session: $130.00
60 minutes session: $150.00
Show Special:
Take 50 % off

    Reflections with Kate
After many years of following around her cousin / best friend and learning to channel spirit, Kate has branched out on her own. Her study of psychology and addictions counseling serves her well in her Oracle and Goddess card readings. She opens up to spirit so that she may guide with light and love.


grew up in India where she got introduced to Henna designing at very young age. She loved art since very young age and started practicing Henna and fell in love with it. Now She does it for living based in Schaumburg, IL.

Ranjan has been doing Henna since past 10 years. The art form of henna design has been practiced in Northern Africa, the Middle East, Southern Asia, and Europe and has been used by Hindus.

Ranjan is very creative and does henna designing without any references. She creates designs with her imagination and on-demand as well as client provided designs. She does private events, festivals, marriages, and many summer fest.

Website:’s henna



Jim Soo Ko 

Ko's Champion Taekwondo

information, literature, mini Taekwondo class



4 East Wilson St Batavia, Illinois 60510 630-937-4094

It's our belief and philosophy that harmony and balance must exist in the physical, emotional and spiritual planes to facilitate each individuals' personal journey.

Healing Arts Metaphysical Center provides holistic services and products based on different healing modalities from cultures around the world with the goal of bringing harmony and balance into all aspects of our daily lives. At Theosofest we will be offering:

Intuitive Readings - Each reading is unique and highly individual. Intuitive readings are different from psychic readings. Most intuitive readers do not predict the future, but rather read a person’s individual energy (a subtle distinction). The Intuitive Reader can then inform you on the choices, paths that are available to you and the outcome of each choice. This way you are always in control of the choices you make. In an Intuitive Reading, you can ask about any topic or area of your life.

Reflexology - This is an ancient healing art that uses the manipulation of points on the feet, hands and ears to treat pain and stress throughout the body. When pressure is applied to a reflexology point, it sends a message to the brain to release endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain relievers.

We will have a small sampling of our products.


Intention Beads:

A Spirited Creator. Having studied astrology for nearly two decades, Sandy Rueve hand creates clay beads with precise astrological timing to take on the energies available. Sandy blends art, astrology, and alchemy to help her clients reach their desires thru mindfulness and talismans.

DeEtte Ranae Stewart

DeEtte Ranae is a certified Psychic Medium and Master Teacher through LWISSD. She uses her gifts to be the voice for spirit bring messages from loved ones and guides. She is also a spiritual life coach and medical intuitive. DeEtte will be offering 15, 30, & 60 minute readings.


Lori, Psychic Medium For People and Pets 
Lori loves being able to bridge the gap between loved ones, human or animal, that have passed away from the physical expression but live on in the Spiritual plane. She has over 30 years as a psychic helping people get a better understanding of why things are the way they are in their lives and the impact that will have on the future. Lori has had great success in helping rid people of negative entities around them. Much of her work involves communicating with animals both pets or wildlife and working with animal rescue groups. 

Greg Zera, Certified Akashic Record Consultant
Greg is an accomplished Certified Akashic Record Consultant, and member of the Akashic Record Consultants International. He is finishing the process of becoming a Certified Akashic Record Teacher. The hundreds of clients he has helped, includes many referrals from Clinical Therapists and Medical Professionals. He identifies the sources of thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns, thus helping them release energies that no longer support them creating positive changes in their lives.


Transformational Advisors: Lisa Nomikos, Sonia Illescas and Lisa Gniady
have joined to forces to bring the triangle energy to the masses."Our life’s purpose is to motivate, inspire and empower people and organizations to live their highest calling in the context of mindfulness, love and forgiveness.” The Trio does this through intuitive readings and intuitive art. Energy Artist Lisa Nomikos channels your soul vision aura portrait, connecting into your energetic imprint using watercolors, colored pencils and glitter glue. Energy art and oracle cards will be available for purchase. Both intuitive author Lisa Gniady and intuitive life coach Sonia Illescas will be offering their unique channeled readings and clearings. Stop by their booth for a breath of fresh air. Pre-order your readings and/or art at: Lisa Nomikos, Sonia Illescas, and Lisa Gniady

Three sides of truth
Three sides of life
Three ways into you

Through image
Through word
Through spirit you see
We three tap into the
Level of truth
of divinity

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