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Theosophical Society - Edith Gray pioneered offering libraries across the nation copies of theosophical literature.Edith Gray

For over half a century the Theosophical Book Gift Institute (T.B.G.I.) has been providing accredited libraries across the United States with Theosophical books free of charge. This innovative program was conceived and activated in 1946 by a few farsighted individuals of the Theosophical Society in America. In the years that followed a dedicated member of the Society, Edith Gray, traveled throughout the country to small towns and large cities offering local libraries a variety of theosophical publications as a gift. She was quite successful in her efforts. Upon her death, T.B.G.I. received a bequest from her estate that enabled the program to continue.

Today, many years later, T.B.G.I. is still partially supported with funding from the Gray estate. Additional funding is provided by the Kern Foundation and from individuals who recognize the great value of having theosophical books in our nation's libraries.

The Theosophical Book Gift Institute is an independent theosophical organization administered from the National Headquarters of the Theosophical Society in America. The Institute's activities are guided by a Board of Directors, each of whom is required to be a member of the Theosophical Society.

Over the decades T.B.G.I. has shipped hundreds of thousands of theosophical hardcover and quality paperback books to America's libraries. Libraries incur no charges whatsoever. The costs of the books and shipping are paid by T.B.G.I.. Librarians are encouraged to request our latest list of available titles at the address below.

Theosophical Society - Herbert Arthur Kern, Sr. was an industrialist, founder of Nalco Chemical, and member of the Theosophical Society in America. He is remembered by members of the Theosophical Society for his great vision, his work in setting up the Theosophical Investment Trust and in his generous support of the Society through The Kern FoundationHerbert Kern

For more information about the Theosophical Book Gift Institute, or to make a donation to this important work, please contact us at:

The Theosophical Book Gift Institute
P. O. Box 270
Wheaton, IL 60187-0270

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