Manifesting: A Sound Bath Journey

Friday, March 8, 7:00 p.m.  
$35 in advance $40 at the door

marian and gabriela kraus gong bath 1

“Manifesting involves” the intentional channeling of positive energy and desires through focused thought and vibrational resonance. This practice taps into the belief that our thoughts and intentions have the power to shape our reality. As participants immerse themselves in the healing sounds and frequencies of the sound bath, they are encouraged to visualize their goals, dreams, and aspirations, amplifying the manifestation process. The synergy of sound, meditation, and intention creates a harmonious space where individuals can align their energies with the universe, fostering a deeper connection to the self and the collective consciousness.

This transformative experience invites participants to explore the profound interplay between mind, sound, and manifestation, promoting a holistic journey toward personal growth and well-being. Experience a guided meditation and subsequent harmonious sound bath generated by three large gongs, didgeridoo, flute, hand-pan, singing bowls, drums, and other sound tools, as a gateway to a phenomenological voyage into inner expansion.

Location: 1926 N. Main Street, Wheaton, IL

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Gabriela and Marian Kraus provide a uniquely layered, multi-dimensional sonic tapestry designed to deeply relax and invigorate simultaneously. Participants are presented with an opportunity to lift their awareness about limiting beliefs and how to transform them. Both have studied gongs and sound therapy with renowned master teachers, and with their European and Latin American origins, possess a colorful life history. Their inherent artistic and musical abilities, years of studies in psychology, and metaphysics enhanced through experiences in health and wellness-related TV programs and international corporate settings work seamlessly together to facilitate a truly unique experience. Visit for more information.