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What is the Theosophical Society?

What is the Theosophical Society?

The Theosophical Society is an organization founded in New York City in 1875. Its purpose was to investigate the nature of the universe and humanity’s place in it, to promote understanding of other cultures, and to form a nucleus of universal brotherhood without distinctions among all human beings. The Society is composed of students belonging to any and all religion or to none. Its members are united by their agreement with the Society’s Three Objects. Today the Society has branches in some seventy countries, with its international headquarters in India.

The three basic ideas of Theosophy are (1) the fundamental unity of all existence, (2) the regularity of universal law, and (3) the progress of consciousness, which develops through the cycles of life to an ever-increasing realization of Unity.

What is Theosophy?
What does Theosophy mean in daily life?
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