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The National Lodge is a self-study program available to members for an annual fee. Each year, the National Lodge covers a specific topic of study and sends monthly lessons via email. 

September 2023 - August 2024
Exoteric and Esoteric Psychology

In September, Quest editor Richard Smoley will be launching this year’s National Lodge course, entitled “Exoteric and Esoteric Psychology.”

The course will evaluate the history and present state of psychology, together with its connections to philosophical thought such as that of Plato and Kant. It will attempt to integrate the insights of current psychology, as well as the classic theories of Freud, Jung, and others, into esoteric views of the human inner constitution, such as those of Theosophy, the Kabbalah, and other traditions. It will combine theory with practical applications in order to bridge exoteric and esoteric understandings of the mind.


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