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The Meaning of History
September 2024 - August 2025
By Richard Smoley

All educated people have studied history. They have a general picture of the development of civilization, the rise and fall of great powers, and the events and battles that have marked major transitions.

Can we find a direction underlying all these developments? Is there a meaning to history?

Until comparatively recently, the answer in the West was progress: the slow, halting, and occasionally reversed advancement of the human race in knowledge, ethics, and technology. But the last century has called this view into question. We have come to wonder if the human race is really more evolved than it was in previous times. We have also begun to doubt that the technological progress of recent centuries has really been of benefit to ourselves and the planet.

Although definitive answers are impossible, in this National Lodge study course, Richard Smoley, editor of Quest and author of several National Lodge courses on the Kabbalah, the Tarot, philosophy, and psychology (among others), will delve into what history might be able to tell us about ourselves. He will also discuss esoteric perspectives on history (including those of Theosophy) and explore how these might fill some gaps in conventional understandings of the subject.

Subjects covered will include history and prehistory; what we can and cannot know about the past; lost civilizations; how ancient Israel, Greece, and Rome have shaped the present Western mindset; what the history of other civilizations, such as India and China, may be able to tell us; and whether (as is sometimes claimed) history proceeds in more or less predictable cycles.


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