Theosophical Society - Human Dimensions 25 centuries ago the Delphic oracle advised the inquirer "Know Thyself." Today, this knowledge is as necessary as ever. Explore in this section questions such as Who are we? Are we limited to our body, emotions and mind, or there is a higher nature in us? Is there any permanent element in human beings that survives death?Human Dimensions

25 centuries ago the Delphic oracle advised the inquirer "Know Thyself." Today, this knowledge is as necessary as ever. Explore in this section questions such as Who are we? Are we limited to our body, emotions and mind, or there is a higher nature in us? Is there any permanent element in human beings that survives death?



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1- Online Articles

Dimensions of Consciousness by Dora van Gelder Kunz

Alaya's Self by Sue Prescott

The Extended Mind by Rupert Sheldrake

The Power of Thought by The Theosophical Society in America

Who am I? What Does it Mean to Be Human? By The Theosophical Society in America


2- Online Audios

An Adventure into the Fourth Dimension by Geoffrey Hodson

The Aura: Its Colors and Their Meaning Part 1 and Part 2 by Geoffrey Hodson

The Nature of the Mystical Experience by Joy Mills

Spiritual Powers and Psychic Phenomenon by L. Gordon Plummer

Spiritual Intuition by N. Sri Ram

The Nature of Consciousness Part 1 and Part 2 by N. Sri Ram

The Expansion of Awareness by Helen Zahara

A Mind to Embrace the Universe by Adam Warcup

The Etheric Field by Phoebe Bendit


3- Online Videos

The Seven Rays: Keys to World Peace and Personal Wholeness by John Algeo

Parapsychology: An Overview of the Paranormal by Richard Brooks

Experiments in Telepathy by David Bruce

The Structure and Function of the Chakras by Dora Kunz and Shafica Karagulla

Mysticism and Parapsychology by Joy Mills

Awakening to Higher Consciousness by Pablo Sender

A Mind to Embrace the Universe by Adam Warcup


4- Borrow from the H. S. Olcott Memorial Library

a) Books

Algeo, John, The Power of Thought, 2001, 164 pages.
Thought is not something subjective but a power, and this book teaches how to use it well. As a twenty-first century adaptation of Annie Besant's classic work, Thought Power, first published in 1903, it preserves the wisdom of the original but updates language and style.
T Al34 PT

Arundale, George S., Kundalini: An Occult Experience, 1962, 102 pages.
As a result of personal experience, the author describes the awakening of consciousness as Kundalini moves upwards through the chakras, and how it operates in the individual and in the universe.
T Ar84 KOE 1970

Bendit, Laurence J., Paranormal Cognition: Its Place in Human Psychology, 1944, 79 pages.
An essay presented to the Department of Medicine of the University of Cambridge examining “psy functions” and how to address them from a psychotherapeutic approach in order to get them into a fuller perspective.
T B433 PC

Bendit, Phoebe, Our Psychic Sense: A Clairvoyant and a Psychiatrist Explain How it Develops, 1984, 227 pages.
An exploration into what has been referred to as the "sixth sense", considered to be a window opening into the real world of our inner consciousness. Bendit explains how this sense manifests and evaluates its usefulness to humanity.
T B433 PS 1984

Besant, Annie, Hypnotism and Mesmerism, 1948, 65 pages.
A study of the history and development of these two related, but different, phenomena. Exploring the factual evidence, it shows that hypnotism is based on producing a fatigue of the nerves while mesmerism rests on the transfer of vital energy to the subject.
T B463 HM (Mini)

Besant, Annie, Man and His Bodies, c1923, 124 pages.
Besant portrays the complex constitution of human beings as the true Self, enclosed in several “vestures” which enable beings to interact with the different planes of the universe, yet limit the full expression of their real nature.
T B463 MB (Mini)

Besant, Annie, The Seven Principles of Man, c1979, 103 pages.
The renowned second president of the Theosophical Society explores the different states in which our consciousness may work while expressing at the physical, psychical and spiritual levels through different “vehicles of consciousness.”
T B463 SPM (Mini)

Besant, Annie, A Study in Consciousness, 1980, 372 pages.
A study of the growth and development of consciousness, since its origin at the beginning of the manifestation of the universe until it becomes human, and how it works on the psychological field of will, desire, and emotion.
T B463 SC

Besant, Annie, Theosophy and the New Psychology, 1918, 124 pages.
Presenting a psychology that embraces not only the ordinary states of our mind but also those that could be termed as psychic and spiritual, the author discusses methods of unfolding these higher mental capacities so that each person may experience them.
T B463 TNP

Besant, Annie, and Leadbeater, C. W., Thought-Forms, 1986, 77 pages.
Through numerous illustrations and colored plates, the authors show how thoughts manifest themselves in different shapes and colors, as well as how this energy affects the person thinking the thought and the atmosphere around him or her.
T B463 TF 1986

Blavatsky, H. P., Dynamics of the Psychic World, 1972, 132 pages.
A collection of writings by H. P. Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society, on magic, mediumship, Psychism, and the power of the spirit, warning against the dangers of uncontrolled psychism and laying the groundwork for safe, holistic development.
T B614 Psa DPW

Edmunds, H. Tudor, Psychism and the Unconscious Mind, 1968, 254 pages.
A collection of articles from the Science Group Journal of the English Theosophical Research Centre, that examine subjects such as clairvoyance, spiritual and psychic perception, etheric vision, psychometry, and telepathy.
T T343 PUM

Hodson, Geoffrey, The Science of Seership, 1985, 224 pages.
A study of the faculty of clairvoyance, its development and use, together with examples of clairvoyant research under test conditions with scientists in various fields, such as astronomy, bacteriology, physics, psychology, and medical diagnosis.
T H669 SS

Hodson, Geoffrey, The Seven Human Temperaments, 1956, 81 pages.
Is there a key by means of which human nature may be understood in its variety? The author explores the theosophical concept of the seven rays, seven main types of human beings, each with its outstanding natural attributes and qualities.
T H669 SHT

Judge, William Q., The Inner Man, 1976, 40 pages.
A collection of articles on the constitution of human beings from an esoteric point of view and how we can awake to the spiritual self in us through meditation and other experiences.
T-Pam J897.08 IM

Krishnamurti, J., On Mind and Thought, c1993, 144 pages.
A collection of lectures by this well known spiritual teacher dealing with the distinction between conditioned thought and truly creative thinking, asserting that only by being free from conditioning, can a person achieve freedom and fulfillment.
T K897 OMT

Kunz, Dora, The Personal Aura, 1991, 195 pages.
This original study of the human aura includes 19 paintings that depict the emotional energies which surround each person, and the changes that occur from infancy to old age, or during an illness. It also offers helpful suggestions for changing difficult emotional patterns.
T K964 PA

Leadbeater, C. W., The Chakras, c1927, 132 pages.
Using his well-developed clairvoyant powers and his knowledge of occultism, the author describes the chakras, their functions, the forces that flow through them and the question of their development in a safe and balanced way, fostering the spiritual life.
T L469 Ch

Leadbeater, C. W., Clairvoyance, 1968, 226 pages.
The author, who was himself a highly developed clairvoyant, discusses this interesting subject explaining different kinds of clairvoyance as well as methods of development, pointing out dangers and those methods that can be safely recommended.
T L469 C

Leadbeater, C. W., Man Visible and Invisible, 1974, 126 pages.
Illustrating different types of men, as seen by means of trained clairvoyance, this classic in esoteric literature examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors of the aura change with different emotional states.
T L469 MVI 1974

Leadbeater, C. W., The Monad, 1980, 151 pages.
A series of essays on higher states of consciousness, their nature and place in human evolution, how to develop them, and their effect on our life.
T L469 M

Leeuw, J. J. van der, Gods in Exile, 1987, 118 pages.
Van der Leeuw describes the nature of the Soul or higher Ego—its world and powers—as well as the process of awakening it has to undergo and the following struggle to get back to its divine Home, thus returning from exile.
T V284 GE 1987 (Mini)

Nicholson, Shirley, The Seven Human Powers: Luminous Shadows of the Self, 2003, 212 pages.
Nicholson draws on ancient spiritual traditions and modern depth psychology to help us access innate powers involving the body, emotions, the mind, and the spiritual consciousness, in order to discover who we really are.
T N526 SHP

Savage, Helen, Psychic Powers, 1948, 125 pages.
A manual presenting a logical and philosophical explanation of the existence of psychic powers and paranormal activities, their nature, as well as their potential dangers, covering phenomena such as mediumship, hypnotism, and clairvoyance.
T T343.1 TM no.11 (Mini)

Wedgwood, James I., Varieties of Psychism, 1914, 109 pages.
Establishing the distinction between lower and higher psychism and classifying the various phases of it, Wedgwood explains their modus operandi and development as an evolutionary extension of our present faculties, acknowledging nothing supernatural about them.
T W416 VP (Mini)

Wood, Ernest, The Seven Rays, 1976, 190 pages.
Humanity, occultism explains, is divided into seven distinct groups called “rays”. This book explains the different features of each ray and how they manifest in people, influencing their character and inclinations.
T W85 SR


b) Audios

Brooks, Richard W., Parapsychology, Overview of the Paranormal, AR 5092-5

Hodson, Geoffrey, The Impress of the Unseen on Mankind, CDA 0177

Hodson, Geoffrey, Psychic Forces Affecting Human Health, AR 0512

Kunz, Dora, Man's Experience at different Levels of Consciousness, CDA 0276

Plummer, L. Gordon, Spiritual Powers and Psychic Phenomenon, CDA 0233

Sri Ram, N., Waking, Dreaming, and Sleep, CDA 0271

Sri Ram, N., The Nature of Consciousness, CDA 0223

Sri Ram, N. Spiritual Intuition, CDA 0288

Zahara, Helen, The Expansion of Awareness, CDA 0167


c) Videos

Algeo, John, The Seven Rays: Keys to World Peace and Personal Wholeness, DVD 0037

Hoeller, Stephan A., Theosophy as Experience: From Mystery to Mystical Consciousness, VR 0873

Kunz, Dora, The Power of Thought in Regeneration, VR 0807

Nicholson, Shirley, The Mystery of Consciousness, VR 1149