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The Wheaton Olcott Lodge has produced an online tool called Theosophical Web Search (TWS).

Access Theosophical Web Search here:



About Theosophical Search

Theosophical Search is an application that leverages Google and Bing to enable the searching of online Theosophical resources such as books and websites using keywords or exact phrases.

The results that are returned depend on the selected search engine, selected resources as well as the actual content of the websites.


How to use Theosophical Search

Control Description

Search Text: Enter the keyword or text that you want to search for.

Search Button: Click this button to initiate the search. Pressing the "Enter" key has the same effect as clicking the "Search" button.

Search Result Output: Search results can be directed one of three ways:

  • Current Window - Search Results will replace the Theosophical Search page. You can return to the Theosophical Search page by clicking the "Back" button on your browser.
  • New Tab - A new tab will be opened for Search results.

Note: Initially, the new tab may be suppressed by the pop-up blocker in your browser. You can enable pop-ups from the Theosophical Search site to avoid this.

Tip: Some browsers such as Chrome or Firefox will update the contents of the new tab each time a new search is executed from the original tab. You may find it helpful to place the tab containing the Theosophical Search page on the left side of your screen and the new tab showing search results on the right side of your screen when executing repetitive searches.

  • New Window - A new window will be opened for each set of search results.


Result type: Select the type of results that you would like the Google search engine to return.

  • All - This option is the default and will return all types of results.
  • PDF - Limits search results to Adobe PDF files. PDF or Portable document format is a commonly used file format for documents.
  • Image - Limits search results to image file formats.
  • Video - Limits search results to video file formats.

Search Engine Selection: You may invoke either the Google or Bing search engine. Note: The two search engines may produce different results given the same query.

  • Google - Invokes the Google search engine.
  • Bing - Invokes the Bing search engine.

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This software is provided free of charge for your personal use.

This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.