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Theosophical Order of Service Campaign for Kindness

Please join in the TOS Campaign for Kindness

Here’s how it works: the entire year of 2018, becomes a canvas for your acts of kindness, large or small. You can structure it any way you like.

  • Perhaps you join in a community project.. Find one by clicking here.
  • Perhaps you devote a week to carrying a bag on your daily walk, picking up at least one piece of litter per day. Or maybe it's seven pieces per day--whatever is comfortable for you.
  • Maybe you commit to one act of kindness each day during the year, even if it's just making eye contact and smiling at someone, holding the elevator, letting a driver into your lane, sending a comforting thought, etc.
  • Maybe some of your family members or co-workers would like to join you in performing acts of kindness.

The size of the act doesn't matter. What matters is that it comes from your heart and feels genuine to you.

The follow up:

We’re asking that each person who participates send an email by November 15 to TOS Liaison Coordinator Kathy Gann ( to let us know what you did, or even a fraction of what you did. Just a brief note will be fine.

Don't worry about looking like a "credit grabber" because your acts of kindness will be published anonymously. Who knows how many people will see your kindness and think, "I'd like to do that too!" And then your kindness multiplies, and that's the whole idea.

Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.

                                                                                                                                                            –Henry James




theosofest 2017

TheosoFEST is an annual open-house mind, body, spirit, festival celebrating the wisdom of the ages, the unity of all life, and spiritual self-transformation. We invite you to join us for this free event exploring spirituality and community! Bring your friends and family!

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Theosophical Society in Maryland

Centennial Celebration

Sunday, May 1, 1:00 p.m. 

Tim Boyd, the President of the International Theosophical Society  and the Theosophical Society in America (TSA), will give a talk, The Next Step Forward, examining human progress in the past few hundred years, the negative and positive consequences, and how the Ageless Wisdom tradition gives perspective to this time of change and speaks of the unfoldment of consciousness that is our next step.

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The Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library Teams with Carol Stream Public Library for Inquiring Minds Series

Our library is excited to announce a partnership with the Carol Stream Public Library for The Inquiring Minds Series with the support of a Collaborative Grant provided by RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System), beginning September 5!

Visit the Carol Stream Public Library ( 616 Hiawatha Dr, Carol Stream, IL 60188) for talks by Ray Grasse, John Cianciosi, and Janet Wehr - all authors of some of the wonderful books we've published! They will speak on a range of spiritual topics. Click here for more information.


Tuesday, November 7, 7 p.m.

Janet WehrLiving with Dying with Janet Wehr: Hospice nurse Janet Wehr will explore stories of patients’ transitions between life and the beyond.

616 Hiawatha Dr.

Carol Stream, IL 60188

(630) 653-0755


Theosophy and Social Responsibility

Applying the Head and Heart Teachings of H. P. Blavatsky

International Theosophy Conferences Inc.
2016 - August 11-14 - Santa Barbara, CA, USA

This forthcoming conference will certainly be as energetic and inspiring as the previous ones. According to the wish as expressed by participants during the 2015 meeting in The Hague, this time the focus is on studying together. It’ll be made possible for those who come to Santa Barbara to sign up in advance for a specific study circle, indicating what topic has their main interest.

Participants will be supplied with Theosophical readings and study material beforehand, made available on ITC’s website. With what was reintroduced to us by H. P. B., they will determine, by offering practical solutions, why it is crucial that the world knows that Theosophy exists, and has always been there to help humanity.

Theosophists are aware of the challenge they face, making steps forward indeed. In the true spirit of brotherhood they can do so through sharing, collaboration, and by having open minds.

ITC 2016 will take place from Thursday, August 11, until Sunday, August 14, 2016; the venue, La Casa de Maria, is one of the most inspiring retreat centers in California. This unique location is a beloved sanctuary for heart, mind, and spirit, nestled gently between mountain and sea. Come and experience 26 acres that the New York Times has proclaimed as “pure splendor.”

IMPORTANT: Make sure you register NOW because the capacity at the venue is limited:

La Casa de Maria
800 EL Bosque Road
Santa Barbara CA 93108

For further information regarding registration, accommodation, payments and special requests you may check ITC’s easy to navigate website:

In 2016 all roads lead to Santa Barbara, California!