Living Theosophy: The Alchemical Key to Self-Transformation

Thursday, August 1, 7 p.m. CT


Living Theosophy The Alchemical Key to Self Transformation Anne Kelly 8.1.24Theosophy is not meant to be a simple intellectual pursuit of the mind, with students parroting back and forth the same words and texts endlessly. Theosophy is altruism, selflessness, compassion, empathy, kindness, unconditional love, and understanding in service to all beings. These universal principles are to be applied in everyday life, whether tragedy or triumph, fear or calm, in both the known and the unknown.

By delving deep into ourselves and through fearless self-reflection, self-examination, persistence, and honesty, we can uncover the profound truth that resides within us. We must take the Theosophical teachings and put them into practice, realizing that every experience; every challenge is a test and an opportunity for learning and growth.

Anne KellyAnne Kelly was an on-air radio and television presenter for more than 30 years. Originally from California, she now resides in the UK, where a decade ago she began anonymously voicing Theosophical texts on YouTube under the name “Living Theosophy.” In 2016, Anne established her own publication company to create audiobooks of The Voice of the Silence, Light on the Path, and other texts. Currently, she is voicing guided meditations based on Theosophical teachings, weaving the Perennial Philosophy into relaxing sessions for all ages.

This program will be streamed live on YouTube, Facebook, and our website on Thursday, August 1, at 7 p.m. CT.