Finding Inner Sanctuary: A Theosophical Approach to Heart-Centered Meditation

Mondays, August 6 and 13 (2 classes), 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. CT  
Suggested cost: $35

Finding Inner Sanctuary Pablo Sender 8.6.24This two-part class is designed for seekers of spiritual wisdom who wish to explore the heart’s connection to spiritual growth and personal transformation while deepening their meditation practice. Through engaging presentations and interactive discussions, participants will gain insights into the esoteric view of the heart and learn how to use it as a gateway to inner peace and higher consciousness.

The class includes guided practice sessions to build the skills necessary for heart-centered meditation, including learning to:

  • Harness mental focus and cultivate the ability to direct attention with intention
  • Center consciousness in the area of the heart
  • Utilize the power of imagination for visualizations to enhance spiritual growth

Throughout the class, ample opportunities for guided meditation will allow participants to apply what they’ve learned. Personalized feedback and group discussions will help overcome challenges and deepen the practice.

Participation in this class will foster:

  • An understanding of key Theosophical teachings, particularly those related to the esoteric significance of the heart as a spiritual center
  • The ability to maintain sustained mental focus during meditation, enhancing clarity and depth of practice
  • Skills in managing and harmonizing emotions, promoting a sense of inner peace and stability during meditation and beyond
  • The capability to create and maintain inner visualizations that support spiritual growth and meditative practice

While we offer a sliding scale for fees, we encourage you to support the continuation of this series by making an offering of at least $35.

Registrants will receive on-demand access to recording(s) that can be viewed for two weeks following the conclusion of the program.

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If you are unable to pay the minimum fee due to hardship, please email for assistance.

Pablo SenderPablo Sender, Ph.D., became a member of the Theosophical Society in his native Argentina and has presented Theosophical lectures, seminars, and classes around the world. He is the author of Approaching the Secret Doctrine and Evolution of the Higher Consciousness, and his articles have been published in several Theosophical journals. Learn more at

Program Format

This is a live, interactive online program that will also be recorded. Registrants will receive on-demand access to recording(s) that can be viewed for two weeks following the conclusion of the program.

Join online via ​a Zoom link that will be emailed upon your registration. Please download Zoom for free at and test your connection at For further information, check out or email: