The Creative Mind and Happiness: Transforming and Healing the Self

Saturday, May 11, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. CT  
TS Members: $35 • Nonmembers: $40

The Creative Mind and Happiness Ronald Alexander 4.13.24For more than 2,500 years, the wisdom teachings of the East have utilized what their texts refer to as “skillful methods” for the study and transformation of the mind and body. This leads to clarity of mind, breakthrough thinking, peak performance, spaciousness of self, greater wisdom, and compassion.

In this workshop, Dr. Ronald Alexander will help you discover how you can unlock your creative self to achieve the clarity and insight to profoundly transform your life. Using methods from mindfulness practices, creative thinking, Ericksonian Mind-Body Healing, Somatic Experiencing, and non-dual teachings, participants will learn skills to calm the mind, develop a mindful brain, regulate their mind/body states, develop trust with their unconscious, and explore inner resources for activating creativity, vitality, and optimal well-being.

We will also explore the release and healing of trauma and afflictive emotions through deep music and guided imagery, natural mind/body healing rhythms, yogic exercises, creative visualizations, and somatic breathing methods.

During this workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Access the three stages of Core Creativity: Absorbing Mind, Open Mind, and Activating Mind
  • Shift negative belief systems to positive states of creativity, post-traumatic growth, and optimal well-being
  • Make clear and mindful decisions by developing “MindStrength”
  • Explore their natural mind/body healing rhythms for nervous system regulation and trauma healing
  • Understand the neuroscience of a mindful brain: discussing mind, self, mood, dissatisfaction, satisfaction, contentment, and happiness
Registration includes on-demand access to a recording of the program, which can be viewed for two weeks following the program date.

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Ronald A. AlexanderRonald A. Alexander, Ph.D., MFT, SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) is a psychotherapist, leadership coach, and clinical trainer in the fields of Mindfulness Meditation, Core Creativity, Gestalt Therapy, Ericksonian Mind-Body Therapies, and Somatic Experiencing. He is the Executive Director of the OpenMind® Training Program, which has offered personal and professional training programs in mindfulness-based mind-body therapies, transformational leadership, and meditation for over 40 years. As a lay Zen Buddhist practitioner, he specializes in utilizing mindfulness meditation in his professional and corporate work to help people access the mind states that open the portal to their core creativity. He is the author of the new book Core Creativity: The Mindful Way to Unlock Your Creative Self, a practical and engaging guide to achieving clarity and profound transformation in one's life.

Program Format

This is a live, interactive online program that will also be recorded. Our goal is to send the recording to you within two business days, often sooner. The recording will be available for on-demand viewing for two weeks following the program date.

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