Sponsor a Lecture Today!

During the past two years, The TSA has been dedicated to building and nurturing our online community, bringing more content than ever before to viewers around the world at a time they needed it most.

As a result, thousands more seekers are accessing the Ageless Wisdom—every single day.

Our main platform for producing free spiritual content is our YouTube channel. Each Thursday, we release a new video lecture by an esteemed teacher on a variety of spiritual topics. These videos then live on our channel and are viewed by thousands.

A Thursday lecture costs, on average, $1,000 to produce. Multiple TSA staff work with presenters, record and edit the lectures, and promote them before publication. Costs also cover frequent software and equipment maintenance.

As a Thursday lecture sponsor, you will have the opportunity to find deeper meaning in your philanthropy by choosing an upcoming lecture that speaks to you. Your sponsorship will be announced on our website and on a placard in the video lecture (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

Will you become a program sponsor today? Your gift of $1,000 will serve thousands of people. Your sponsorship will also help motivate others to give!

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Christopher Dixon at (630)668-1571 ext. 321, or giving@theosophical.org.