Online Resources

  • Articles: Articles representing a variety of topics and points of view from various Theosophical writers, both past and present.
  • Audio Library:  Free Theosophical lectures, available as streaming audio or mp3 download.
  • Video Library: Visit our online media library and watch programs on Theosophy and related subjects.
  • Books: We are in the process of adding more Theosophical books to this page.
  • Leaflets: These educational leaflets provide Theosophical perspectives on a number of topics.
  • Self-Study Courses: These free study materials are available online in Adobe PDF format. They are suitable for group or individual study.
  • Theosophical Essays: Short essays exploring a variety of Theosophical themes.
  • NEW Theosophical Web Search (TWS)  runs on Microsoft Windows. TWS is a handy program that uses Google to search selected Theosophical web sites and books
  • Webinars: Currently active online classes.
  • Webinar Archives: Explore our archives of past online classes.

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